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What one spiritual practice has most deeply affected your relationship with Jesus?

That is the question posed today…and an is being so hungrily devoured over at Ann’s… But as she points out, the response is different for each of us.

My answer? As you well-know by now, I often times color outside of the lines and create my own shades outta the ole crayon box. So too, my answer will likely be.

Asking Jesus to be the Lord of my life is the ultimate “practice” that has affected my relationship with Him. Of course I remember the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How that my story became imbedded within HisStory. Now, would I go so far as to call it a “practice?” Uh, yes. As a tattered, torn, corners-bent, and nearly-used-up adult when I came to know the Lord, I carried a lot of worldly text on my pages and damage marks on my cover. And a lot of bad fiction was penned my pages. Although there was only one and only first time in making my tearful plea with Jesus to become my Lord & Saviour, and only one time that it had to be done for the very salvation of my soul, I do find myself repeating this act. So, it would seem that it has become a “practice” for me.

She repeats it? What? Oh, yeah. Yes, ma’am I sure do. Like I said, falsehoods were deeply ingrained in my brain and hardened into my heart. The things I had done. The ways I behaved. The words I had spewed from my lips. Why oh why would it take only once for me to truly find Him? Or rather, for Him to truly find me?

Yes, those were ponderings and doings of a Christian in infancy. I was new. I just born. I was unsure. Now, I know better. A little bit, anyway.

But, with that uncertainty aside, don’t we all do it, ask Him in again? And again?

Don’t we hear a sermon and want our hearts to burst with the very thing the preacher talked of? Don’t we hear a missionary’s story and want to influence and fill our souls with what she has? Don’t we know someone who died and wonder just where they are spending eternity because their life reflected seemingly more wrong turns than right ones?

Don’t we all experience life events that change us, I mean really change us and make us recommit our lives to Him because we have a new, burning fervor to want to be all that God created us to be?

Didn’t I finally hear a baby cry out following an terrifying emergency c-section, after seeing the fallen, ashen face of the my husband and the determinedly concerned faces of the emergency pediatric physicians, and want to be one with Him who just saved our baby’s life? And mine.

Didn’t I actually feel the shackles and chains of my past lose their cutting, binding grip on my life when I literally lay prone at the alter in the dark, empty church one night—where, beneath the wooden cross, in a puddle of gut-wrenched tears, a sister in Christ led me along in a prayer of freedom as I gave it up to the Lord—once and for all?

So, asking the Lord into my heart (time and again) would rank high up there, way above all the others, as my number one, numero uno, top diggity dog, supreme, most wonderful “practice” that has taken me into depths previously unknown to me.

Although those depths have included dark, slimy, painfully writhing, hurtful, shame-filled places, they were the very places that His hand desperately clung tight to mine and yanked me up out of the miry pit and set my feet upon solid ground. Now that I know and have felt my secure footing, I am free. Free enough that when I dive or fall face-first into the deep end of the pool, I am able to find cleansing waters, waves of Truth, buoys of mercy, splashes of grace, and His hand to pull me back onto solid ground.

Oh yes! Yes, indeed.

Committing my life to the Lord’s and continually asking for His will to be mine, is the one spiritual practice that has most deeply affected my relationship with Jesus!

Now, won’t you share yours too?

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  1. HI Darlene! Sorry it has taken me so long to get over here! I loved reading your post and could relate to all of it!!!! I too, ask the Lord to cleanse me over and over again and to fill me with Him. I am a journaler and each more I wake up in the early hours, when the house is quiet, and write my heart out to Him. This is the most precious time to me. I am no good without it. I am no good without Him. Thank you for sharing. I just sent you an email. Hugs- Jennifer

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