1000 Gifts

Little Boy Hands

How can they be
so big
when just yesterday
they were teeny-tiny pink
and wrinkled
and kneading my tummy skin
as I held him nearly naked
while he suckled

How can they be
so giving
when just yesterday
they were pale chubby
and fumbly
and needing my intent concentration
as I chased his wandering
ever-so curious self through the house

Little boy hands.

Oh how I love
The Hands that made his
grow ever so big
and ever so giving.

* photos by A Simple Country Girl: assorted autumn gifts
My wonderful leaf bouquet
was gathered by my little mister
and tied lovingly with baling twine.
The best gift a country boy could give a mamma!
Please, join us as we desperately cling to His gifts…
holy experience


5 thoughts on “Gifts”

  1. Beautiful. These sorts of posts are always so poignant to me because our nest is empty these days and I remember little hands too. They do grow up so quickly, and what a blessing to cherish the moments.

  2. This was stunning. The photo of the leaves and the words. And it is all so much mystery. I don't know why I have so many moments of doubt.. when I am given so much . Over and over these gifts fall on my heart. Beautiful.

  3. Your photos are beautiful. I just came home from watching my son's "little boy hands" play his first piano recital at school and I realized that he is not so little anymore. Thank you for sharing. Jennifer

  4. the phrase tummy skin just left me quietly contemplating how incredible God is…i can see wyatt reaching up to you with his gift. simple beauty. xox

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