Once Was Smooth

Poetry, Ugly-Beauty

Made sharp,
where all once was smooth.
My breath catches
at the delicate, pointed beauty.
Ice crystals –
explained by science
breathed by God.

One finger touch
and loosed barbs whisper
“good-bye” as they disperse
and fall in a million
fluttering pieces.

Hush, now.
Can you hear it?

From whose womb comes the ice?

And the frost of heaven, who gives it birth?

~ Job 38:29 (NKJV)


3 thoughts on “Once Was Smooth”

  1. my breathe is suspended. these are some of your very best. before i got to the end of the post, i thought to myself: "this reminds me of Job's musings about the snow and the ice and then you quoted it. i find God here. thank you for this my very dear friend.

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