Once Was Smooth: part 2

Poetry, Ugly-Beauty

new year

come to me

let us
leave behind
all barbs

sharp pieces

the ones
I make myself

new year,
come to me

a smooth wire
rests in a coil
waiting to be stretched taught

those white barbs?

God laced them
because what
once was smooth
didn’t grow me

I lean against His chest
exhale my breath
and smudge my finger along

new year,
I am ready
come to me
My above poem was written in response to L.L. Barkat’s Seedlings in Stone writing prompt:
If you like, join in with our “Beginnings” writing project too. You can either write a vignette about “beginnings” or try out the HighCallingBlogs poetry writing prompt: Choose a New Year word like “resolve”, “resolution”, “dream” or one you think up and begin, middle, or end a poem with it.

My free-verse High Calling Blog prompt is it for now.

* photos: all surfaces were smooth before the ice crystals formed and clung in such beauty; visit here for more God-breathed photos and another poem at Once Was Smooth: part 1


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