Once Was Smooth: part 3

Poetry, Ugly-Beauty

look below,
do you
God breathed the ice crystals
to remind
and me

all is beauty

bled through
with hues
of my sins


all is beauty

* These magnificent winter wonders continue to grace with their pointed beauty. At first, all was gray, as black and white blurred. But now I see supreme splashes & dainty drops of color painted from a most divine palette. He made it all. And I have tried to capture some to share it with you, yes, even despite my inadequacies.

For more ice crystal barbs covering what Once Was Smooth, go here…

Repentance & Renewal, as miss Ann at Holy Experience talks of today (as part of her Walk with Him Wednesday: sharing of spiritual practices that draw us nearer to His heart), is also fluttering between my heart, mind, and mouth. Dare I say I am a new creature in Christ–without really meaning it?

Really living it?

And what about loving it?

Yes, loving that I am renewed in His gracious grasp. But how will you know that if I keep it to myself? How will you learn of His never-ceasing love if I don’t spill the beans about what He has done for me?

Do we dare live it, right out loud?

If someone grabbed you across the chest and under your arms as you were flailing and drowning in a lake tumbled with rough waves and surging currents, would you thank them with sobs and hugs? Perhaps even give them a gift to show your gratitude? Since God holds onto us by more than our arms, don’t you want to gift Him with your finest presence?

Your finest presence. It is found in Him.

Me? I repented. I accepted. And I am renewed!

As we continually weave Him into our very soul tapestries, we can do nothing less than show Him. In us. After all, our presence is His.
holy experience


8 thoughts on “Once Was Smooth: part 3”

  1. What a beautiful illustration you used. And yes, God's very presence is in us. We just need to let Him out so others will see. And He will get the glory!Blessings,Debbie

  2. "Do we dare live it, right out loud?"You have quite a way with words. And message. Thanks for posting your thoughts in this way.Blessings,Lisa

  3. I have "seen" you so often when making comments on other blogs, I decided to come visit. Your photographs are stunning and the poetry just beautiful. Yes – how grateful I am that His grace covers the inadequacies of my life and He renews my life with His.

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