Once Was Smooth: part 4

Poetry, Ugly-Beauty

From gray, dulling
the mist in my midst
to blue, contrasting
the sunshine vibrance
of His beauty,

I share with you
some of the latter,
thus concluding what
Once Was Smooth

For since the creation of the world

His invisible attributes
are clearly seen,
being understood
by the things
that are made
~ Romans 1:20

For nearly one week, we have been blessed with some awesome winter wonders that God frigidly breathed right onto all that once was smooth. Frozen fog completely blanketed us with her heavy quilt. In one week’s time I saw blue sky only twice. Once was near the finale of this barbed beauty parade, just long enough for me to grab my camera and run outside. Then yesterday, we sadly bid farewell to the pointy things. They splatted to the ground with no fanfare. They just fell off as a bit warmer air lumbered in, heavy with plump snowflakes.

Is that we do with a New Year? Just fall off the last page of December before hanging a new calendar on the same nail? Or do you cling so tight to what once was smooth that you forget to make the leap into His arms as you jump headlong into January’s promise of a new start?

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3 thoughts on “Once Was Smooth: part 4”

  1. I have loved the Once was Smooth! Your pictures are amazing! Truly breathtaking. Happy New Year! I am jumping right in to 2010 excited for all God has planned for me!!!Blessings to you this day.

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