Gracious Gifts

Poetry, Prayer

Last year at about this time:

My birthday. Is it really mine? I should think not. It is God’s. He gave it to me. He gave me to my mom and she birthed me right into the middle of Montana 30-something years ago.

Amidst our chaotic life full of change and challenge and character-building, I awoke this morning and thanked God for another day. Then it dawned on me, much before the dawn actually broke the blackened skyline, it is my birthday. Ahh. I started to talk to God…

Lord, this year, please help me to, err, please give me. Wait a minute. Hold it. Is it about me? I think not. Let’s try again…

Lord, this year, what can I give you? You give me so much. You pour blessings upon blessings upon me. They mound up. They pile up. So, what can I give you?

And in reference to tomorrow:

Lord, I am not entirely sure what I gave You. I had really good intentions. You know I did. And You know very well that last year was so rough with our family separated for over 10 months, our son waling & running & asking & waiting, our move to a new place, our home sale falling through, my husband’s job sucking him near-dry, and our continually desperate search to find You & strength & peace & joy right in the midst of the chaos. Was all of that my gift? Yes, okay. I thank you. Thank you for it all. Yes, I mean it. I really do.

Mercy, patience, grace, and determination were tucked ever so tightly in that package. In addition, I learned to ask for help from friends–and receive their work and graciousness without feeling indebted. I, too, was given freedom to cry and pray with others–and receive their tears as Your sparkle. God, thank you. I know for my birthday this year You will continue to bring me just what I need at the instant I need it. And I thank You in advance. But, I do have a question, may I try again to bring You a gift or two this year, please?

Found, forgiven, freed
for eternity.
I am here.

Wondering, waiting, trusting
for opportunities.
I am here.

Yearning, straining, stretching
for obedience.
I am here.

Tear-stained, face-planted, heart-lifted
for guidance.
I am here.

God-praising, hallelujah-shouting, hand-raising
for You.
I am here.

Yeah, that is the birthday girl a few years ago. I reckon I haven’t changed all that much–I am still wearin’ cowboy boots, my cheeks are still full, and my hair is long and often all over the place.

Thankfully with the years I have acquired some skills–I can read and write (a little better), clip my own fingernails, prepare meals, sort & wash & fold laundry, answer the phone, but most importantly, I have learned thankfulness for all the sweet, simple things of my God-given life.

Oh, Happy Day!


3 thoughts on “Gracious Gifts”

  1. Happy, happy birthday precious friend! Praying for a year filled with different types of blessings than the last…the kind that bring a settling in, a peace and contentment. Love you and your heart,Melinda

  2. Happy birthday sweet sister!!!! I'm sorry I am late. I didn't make it on to blog world yesterday except early in the morning. I pray you were blessed!!! Love to you this day!!!!Jennifer

  3. Happy Belated Birthday day… although you can celebrate for at least a week I think. Or forever.I am looking forward to what these new days bring.And hope you share them with to youdeb

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