Bleeding Hearts (part 1)

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Listening When He Speaks, Poetry, Prayer

As an addition to this post, and because my heart bleeds for Haiti, I am sharing a prayer…

Lord, we cannot even comprehend nor fathom the magnitude of destruction and pain and suffering in Haiti. It hurts to ponder her plight too long. Stones fall and crush and kill. Stones separate one from another as babies wail and mothers howl, both in gut-wrenching pain. Children shed tears steeped in fear and loss. Father God, this hurt in my heart permeates my mind and my day and my night. It haunts me for I feel helpless.

Father, there are stones every place I took today when I search Your Word…

Luke 19:40—stones cry out

Luke 17:18—You are the Cornerstone

Luke 21:5&6—stones are thrown down

John 2:3-10—water pots of stone fill with wine

For this reassures me that you are there. And here. You are indeed among and in and part of the stones that litter Haiti and pierce my heart. Lord, I pray with a bleeding heart, that souls rush to You, the Cornerstone of Life. I pray that the thirsty turn to You, the only One who can truly quench and satisfy.

Give me direction for my heart and mind and hands and possessions.

Bless the hurting with relief.

Give the lost direction.

Strengthen the weak.

Find the scattered.

Heal the wounded.

Encourage those searching & working & digging & praying & giving.

Lord, above all, shine Your mercy and Love upon Haiti in her time of dire need. All of this we ask with trusting & hopeful hearts and all of this we pray in the Life-giving name of Jesus. Amen.

Go here for ways to help Haiti…



Hope for Haiti


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