Weeds Were Wrapped

1000 Gifts, Listening When He Speaks

Does that photo look like folks reaching for the heavens,
despite being entangled and nearly consumed by troubles
–those reaching up from their pit, perhaps?

Or does it resemble a martini glass filled with squiggly liquor
that only blurs and engulfs
–eventually spilling and sloshing over?

Maybe it is a simple weed filled with seeds,
ready to be sown in fertile ground
–showing others the way to grow?

Thankful for:

~ a computer internet connection–after 3 weeks of none
~ a home that smells of wood–and not cat peepee
~ a family together under one roof
~ two creeks uniting just outside a bedroom window
~ stars to be seen each clear night from bed
~ dogs frolicking about with boy in nice yard
~ husband able to go on a horseback ride out back
~ a wood stove filled with heaven-sent firewood, heating our new rental
~ so, so much more…

* If anyone still stops by, hey, thank you and may you be rewarded greatly for such amazing perseverance! It’s been a long 3 weeks of an all-consuming move. Be sure that I will update you soon. For now, what are you thanking God for today? Please join beautiful Ann at A Holy Experience each Monday for sharing of His gifts. By the way, I have missed you all like crazy. CRAZY!

holy experience


9 thoughts on “Weeds Were Wrapped”

  1. and i have missed you like CRAZY!i can hear the fire sizzling. i can smell the riverbanks, i can see the stars. i sense home and that makes my heart very happy… for you and with you. hoping you and eric are looking after those backs of yours. as for the photo header… you have me mesmerised.

  2. I think I would be shouting for joy if I had internet again after three weeks! That is a gift!Being able to see the stars from your bed…oh, my…what a blessing! We live an a huge urban city and the stars are overshadowed by the lights of the city! I am glad you are back!Blessings to youAnnesta

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