Talking with God

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Listening When He Speaks, Prayer, Scripture Talk

I tried to show others and treat others and do to/for others what I thought God expected of me. After all, He gave His Son. What could a wretch like me give or say or do to reflect a tiny snip-it of my appreciation and gratitude? How could I thank Him for my very salvation?

Do you ever have these same thoughts?

I have shown mercy, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering, gentleness and forgiveness (Col. 3:12-13). It is true that some it has been painful, yet liberating. Some it has been stretching yet strengthening. Some of it has been really dirty work, yet cleansing. So for a little over five years, I continued along this path of reading God’s Word and trying to do unto others…

Somewhere along the road, I ran smack-dab into a detour. There was a new route. A different path. Join me as I share this journey.

That was an excerpt from a post I wrote over here. Please, join us as God and I have a roadside conversation…

* steep road photo by me


One thought on “Talking with God”

  1. That steep road brings back memories. Of a shale road I walked as a small child. Of laughter and sorrow. I like your photo, and I'm thankful for the memories it stirs.

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