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HHRM, Scripture Talk

That is Indy (he thinks he is a race horse, hence the name) and my husband is breaking him for our young son to someday ride. The trainer does not literally snap the legs of the horse, rather he shows the horse who is in control. The man uses a gentle strength and works with the spirit of the horse to accomplish this feat. The feeding, the grooming, the riding, and all other man-equine-related activities are much smoother and safer, once the horse respects the man. Once the horse trusts the man. Once the horse realizes he simply cannot survive without the man, the trainer.

Just as we cannot survive without God and His guiding hand. But how do we get to the point where we willingly come to our Trainer, our Lord?

Simply put, we also need to be broken.

This was just an excerpt, so please join me over at Healing Hearts, Renewing Minds for the rest of this post…

Brokenness is not just for horses folks!


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