Street Address: End of Dirt Road

For Fun, Photo Story, Poetry

When I see this sign

I have nothing to do

but drive on and smile

because I am getting close

and I’ll be there in a just a little while

Bumps & dirt & rocks & holes

rough road now narrows,

much akin to His road Home,

not always being the easy one to go

My rig slows

as a bridge I approach

and all tires crunch gravel

over a metal-plated connection of wobble

Balanced atop large concrete blocks,

the Foundation is strong

and I worry not too long

me, God

as I continue motoring along

to the end of the road

where Love surely does glow

as it beckons from

a moth-hovered porch light,

guiding me to my country home

Sometimes I may drive fast

stirring dirt and spraying rocks

Sometimes I mosey way too slow,

gasping at the flowering weeds as I go

to my primitive place at the end of this dirt road

*Random Acts of Poetry’s Streetwise prompt by L.L. Barkat of High Calling Blogs–for more words that dance way better than mine, please visit HCB Friday!

**please read the post above this one–I am unabashedly
standing for Life and urging you to do the same**

8 thoughts on “Street Address: End of Dirt Road”

  1. I'm with Laura, isn't that the only way to go? Love your childlike wonder and awe. And how you don't worry about 'not supposed to'……….

  2. fabulous. the imagery and the pride and the knowingI'm so glad you feel such a sense of home.

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