Praise & Pleas

Photo Story, Prayer

Lord, please hear my praises! Thank you for saving me, gracing me, loving me, forgiving me, treasuring me, creating me. Your love is so big. And now, forgive me, a wretch like. Forgive my selfishness, my stinky attitudes, my desire to stand out from the crowd, my neglect of our time together, my rudeness, my thoughtlessness.

Oh God, help me to focus — on You, Your Truth, Your other discouraged, wounded, unsaved children; my husband, my child, my community; all “the least of these” I see, and those I don’t see, but know about.

My pleas are that You, Father, would give me strength and direction and focus to be still long enough to know Your desires for me. You have blessed me with certain abilities and gifts, thank You!

Please show me how to use them to bring glory to You. Who and how and when and where (I’ll leave the why up to You for now) to squeeze my heart’s mercy upon another, upon others. Here? There? Where? Show me!

Then give me perseverance to withstand attacks and to continue forth on Your path. It’s not enough to talk a talk — I want to walk it too! Oh Lord, my heart is Yours. Mould it. Ply it. Pry it open and set Your Love free!

Like Nehemiah, I want them to perceive this has been a work done by You, God! Oh, I ask this in Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

In my recent turmoil and seemingly non-stop flow of questions, my heart and mind have been doing a rather odd dance. They seem to whip from a joined, beautiful waltz smoothly gliding across the floor–turning and twirling ever so stoically with hand-in-hand practiced precision to a disjointed, wild and flailing gyration best left behind tightly closed doors. Of course the only place to really hear the music and know which move to make, is when one stops. And listens to the music, the rhythm, and its beat. His heart beat, actually. Today I found that beat in Nehemiah…

* I reckon if you want, you can click each image to see it better. And to read what I wrote on each click of His beauty.


5 thoughts on “Praise & Pleas”

  1. Amazing photos! I love the one of the spiked weed reaching skyward the best. I am in the same place you are, tossed and conflicted and holding on to the Word as the only real anchor when seeing things clearly is beyond your own means. Praying for you, too, friend!

  2. Your prayers are some of the most beautiful I have ever read. Thank you for sharing them. May I take this prayer of yours and make it mine, too? I am feeling blown about, too, and praying for God's will in my life. Bless you for sharing this wonderful post.

  3. I just wanted to let you know that the header photo ~ so wow. Sometimes this is just what it is. These gifts that are right there.

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