Workin’ for God

Listening When He Speaks, Photo Story

Isn’t it wonderful how God continually weaves people and things and promptings together in such splendid beauty?! Oh, yeah!

Yesterday my son and went to the local dollar store. Admittedly, I have only been in one those shopping locales a couple of times, and never in this particular chain. We were soldiers on a mission. A mission for Christ. Actually, ours was a mission to buy stuff for this wonderful gal. To take with her to kids in Uganda. So our real mission was to help her show neglected kids love. In turn, they can catch a glimpse of Jesus. And His love! As I stated a few months ago, how can people understand and accept Jesus if they don’t even know what love is?

A list, a cart, a kid, and a dollar store.

Oh yes, we also filled ‘er up with things for the old folks. My son’s heart has been so touched by the Holy Spirit to minister to old folks that I finally decided to stop holding him back. And to stop holding Him back too. (We also stopped at an old folks home yesterday. My son told the gal at the desk, “I just want to read to the people.” He later asked me, “Mom, you told them we want to volunteer right? I don’t want any money for doing this. It is for volunteering.” My heart screamed: Yeah, son, it is volunteering. It is workin’ for God and He pays the best wages ever!)

So for the kids in Uganda, we searched, we found and we bought flip-flops, t-shirts, wash cloths, assorted paper, crayons, pencils, toothbrushes, antibiotic ointment, and some fake flowers that my 6-year old boy picked out (especially for our sponsored child through Amazima).

Amazingly, a new friend named Gabi (that hardly seems a big enough name for a such a ginormous love-filled heart and God-chaser extraordinaire), will be going to Uganda soon. She will share our love and she will do her best to find our girl and give her our special package too. Wow.

Beautifully God led me to read Haggai this morning. It is said that his style of writing is “simple and direct.” Good thing, because so am I and so is my style–for writing and living. Haggai first teaches about having more than enough money, food, drink, clothes and the such. But then he is rather quick to point out how we, the people, squander it. Poof. It is gone. Or it is bought for naught. Meaningless stuff, really.

Go up to the mountains and bring wood
and build the temple,
that I may take pleasure in it
and be glorified,”
says the LORD.”
~ Haggai 1:8

Haggai continued on with his teaching. God’s temple was in ruination. People ignored this. They instead turned inward, turned their focus on themselves and their own stuff. Haggai came along and pointed this out. FIguratively, he put his finger to their chests and pushed hard, so hard he reached into their souls and stirred ’em up a bit. A whole lot, actually.

People responded.
And they rebuilt.

Within 500 years, Jesus walked through that very temple! He was man among the people. He placed feet and hands and body and soul in that very temple! Hallelujah! Can you even wrap your mind around that little tid-bit?

Back to that short book in The big Book. Like Haggai, each of us has indeed been chosen by God. Are your hands willing to do the work? Like Gabi? Or perhaps like my little tender warrior?

Somewhere along the route and somehow along the way, things do get discombobulated and out of order. We turn our focus on self. We shuffle our priorities. And when we do this, we start to see ourselves differently too. Our value gets shifty as we see ourselves through the world’s eyes. Unfortunately God suffers. His children suffer.

Do you do that?
How do you see your value and place in God’s world?
Through your own eyes that reflect the world?

Or through His eyes that reflect glory and honor and love?

Oh, oh, oh, I want to be in that latter set. Pick me, pick me, pick me. Hello. Pick your own self up and just do it! Do the things that reflect His glory and honor and love. Find yourself a Gabi and help her. Or be her.

Since the ole dollar store didn’t have underwear for girls, we stopped at a big box store (now, I am not a shopper, it gives me panic and great distress) and rummaged around in all things pink and frilly (and quite odd, I must say) to find packages of girl’s underwear. I am sure my 6-year old dirty rubber boot-wearin’ boy was thrilled. He didn’t say a word, except to look at me from under his camouflage ball cap and tell me about his underwear decked out in super heros. He wasn’t embarrassed. Why would he be? He was shopping for God!

So, are you ready to jump into the muddy puddles and do God’s work? Perhaps even splash around a bit, wetting bystanders with His love?

Gather ’round. Build His temple. And fill it with His children!

* Hey, this is my 306th post. I neglected to notice about 6 times ago when I hit that triple hundred mark. Whoopie-do for me. Yippee-skippie for God!

* If God leads you, visit Gabi’s site, snoop around, and drop her a note. She has a list of needs for the kiddos… And she has a heart that beats His love. Big time.

* Also, please don’t forget about His ministry site Healing Hearts, Renewing Minds. The one I am honored to do for His glory. If you, or someone you know, needs a strong cup o’ healing and restoring steeped strong in His Truth, send them my way.


5 thoughts on “Workin’ for God”

  1. Oh goodness,I really cannot thank you enough for your kind words and encouragement alone…and then to go a step further and send items to show the kids they are loved in a tangible way? I'm just floored by His lavish kindness through you and your son. Thank you beyond words!

  2. What a beautiful post 🙂 Thank you for reminding everyone that they have an important role, and that God has work for each and every one of us. I desperately want to be in that "latter" group as well.

  3. As a newcomer to your blog, I find it so refreshing! Love your writing style and your wonderful photos!How do I see my worth – through God's eyes or the world's eyes? That question stood out to me in your post today. So much depends on my answer! I do want to see myself – and others through His eyes.I am touched by your little boy's heart for God and others. It's no telling what God has planned for him!

  4. Simple and direct. And kind and beautiful and generous and loving and on and on I could go…That's you. I wasn't kidding when I said you were the real thing! You are, girlie!I'm gonna visit Gabi now :)Love to you.

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