We Know!

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Last night our family began a tradition. It had nothing to do with plastic baskets or chocolate bunnies. Rather, it had every single thing to do with Him. With recognizing what the disciples didn’t while they supped with their Lord. My Lord.

Not growing up in Christian homes, Easter was saturated in only the secular. Now that I know, my years of negligence and dishonor disgust me. Simply, it does.

Just as the time when we came to know the Lord, while our son thumped and bumped around in my womb, we wanted more for our son, for our family. Just like that yearning for a closeness with God, we also want to sup with our Lord in a remembrance meal. Although not legalistic in the least, we wanted to participate in something sort of similar to His Supper.

Throughout the meal and shared Words and prayers, humility was present. Big time. Imagine, just imagine, that at the Passover with Jesus, His disciples gathered ’round and marveled and wondered about their Master and His Words and actions. What ever is He doing?! Jesus stepped outside the box of tradition by washing their feet! By calling the bread His Body! By calling the wine His blood!

How different our Passover meal was–because we know what those Words and actions meant.

We know what comes the day after The Last Supper.

We know that thorns and stripes and pain and blood and crucifixion comes.

We know He goes.

We know that He comes back in three days.

We know He is coming again–for His family of Believers.

We know!

Following is a photo story of last night. From the preparation to the supping to the reading. Images seen by the eye capture only a flicker of the vision seen by the heart…

our son eagerly helps make plates of tin

his focus, dedication, diligence & love in helping me prepare the Passover meal
(reminding me of Another Son’s…)

a place for Jesus, after all, He is with us, always

Communion bread, broken for us

a wretched crown to remind or our wretchedness without Him

blackberry leaves the son picked because they have sharp thorns and make him bleed

bowl of salt water to remind of the tears

the son reads from a script
(we didn’t get worked up about using goblets, we used what we have)
it still holds His sacrifice

the father eagerly listens
(humbly, ever so humbly)
our sweet boy reads, as Another’s only Boy soon bleeds for us all

unleavened bread, warm–unlike Him, that bread had no time for Rising
(it also reminds us of Him, warm & near & alive)

One candle, because The One is all that matters

our wine, His blood

all members of the family were interested in partaking

our son wanted to read us a story, some HisStory, actually

son’s barefoot, clinging to the only thing worth standing upon–a Solid Rock
(see that flap of skin hanging near his pinky toe?
we all come to stand on The Rock–wounded
and we all cling to The Cross–healed)

could this have been the scene way, way back then?

two candles, because we are never really alone

We know.

So, what are you going to do with that knowledge?

With that knowledge of the real meaning of Passover and Resurrection Sunday? Hold it tight like a precious gift? Or rip open the wrapper and wildly fling it onto your family, friends, neighbors, strangers… Perhaps even knocking over a few tacky plastic baskets and spilling the tattered shiny grass?

* I extend a very special thank you (and in no particular order of significance) to three lovely ladies who helped my family start a new tradition, one of deep humility and unabashed love.

– RissaRoo at These Three Remain
– Jennifer at Getting Down with Jesus

8 thoughts on “We Know!”

  1. Beautiful! Tears in these eyes as I look at your pictures and reflect on your evening, and my evening, and the collective Body celebrating."Why is this night different from all the other nights?" we ask during the Passover meal.Because of Jesus.Because of Jesus.My love to you… Happy Easter.

  2. So beautiful! As you broke the bread, could you feel the thread that connects us all, one to another and on back through the ages? I feel it and it brings tears to my eyes every year. What a blessing. Thank you for these photos, for sharing your heart and your meal and your beautiful son and his dedication to this tradition…which some day he will pass on to his own children.

  3. The depth of your son's understanding is so amazing. And what a meaningful way to share the celebration.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I have been dealing with a lot of sadness and frustration as I look at how some believers are acting…candy, food, baskets is what is important, not the cross, the sacrifice, the brutal death, the empty tomb…! Thank you for being a mom who raises your kid deeply in His word, living it out in your life so he can follow your, and his dad's, example. Blessings my friend!

  5. What a treat to "eat" Passover dinner with you. My husband and I also look at the secular side and do all we can to be certain we aren't contributing to that way of thinking and our present world's approach. Happy Resurrection Sunday!!

  6. My dad started this tradition with our family when I was a little younger than your boy. We continue with it to this day, with my husband and my son.

  7. And a beautiful tradition it is! A lovely thing to see. From mine to yours: He is Risen! This…We know.

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