Is It Ever…

Photo Story, Poetry

Is it ever enough
this filling of my cup

Do I drink that of my lips
or is it of His

I try one
but the other I shun

Is it ever right
to resist and even fight

Oops, I spilled
was it mine or His

I sip and sputter
mixing one with the other

Do I drink of mine
or is it His

Is it ever enough
this filling of my cup

* Blood-red tulips seemingly huddled close in a chilly March breeze last year. Tilting their cups upward, they reach for Him… I remember that I got down and knelt low to freeze this image, some of it clear, some of it blurred. Much like me. Tulip cups of velvety fragrance prove more sturdy and stable en masse, but left alone, the individual blooms topple and eventually sag to the dirt or they just snap off with a gust.

You, yes you. Come closer, just a bit more. Please, do place your tulip cup near mine. Isn’t that better? Yeah, I think so too. And don’t we just look and smell divine all huddled together like this?!

8 thoughts on “Is It Ever…”

  1. One day I'd love for you to come and visit when I'm living in Uganda forever. You can take pictures of my beautiful little treasures for me 🙂

  2. You are so talented!!! And yes, I did read HHRM. It was one of the things that ended my wrestling match! He always wins, I don't know why it takes me so long to figure that out. Hope you are all doing well!!

  3. I'm heading out to take some pictures of spring,in the rain,but isn't that the point

  4. Such lovely, luscious reds. That is spring to me: voluptuous and excessive. And I love it.How are you? I've been away a few days, catching up with my favorite people!Happy spring.

  5. You beautiful, beautiful soul. Here, on the information superhighway. And HERE, on the Lee Farm, in my REAL mailbox, the one at the end of the lane!!!What a blessing to receive what you sent. I was thrilled! You bring me great joy, dear sister.THANK YOU.

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