Listening When He Speaks, Photo Story
to spread open, to open out


I like the sound of that term and I think it is a pity that we don’t hear it much in today’s talk.

Whenever I see Spring’s baby
ferns reaching
for light and hesitantly
stretching out
their curled, yet
I think of
my heart.

Once balled
a tight-fisted
mass of
God gently
pried it
open. No,
unfurled it…

Run down the corridors until your strength is gone
and your heart is thumping wildly against your chest
and you fall on your face
while your soul is gasping for Him.

To read more of this and how God took my once-curled tight heart and unfurled it for His glory (and how He can do the same for you!), please follow me to Healing Hearts, Renewing Minds today.


13 thoughts on “Unfurling”

  1. Oh! 'tis a word picture and pictured words for my soul this evening. How God can use a heart that is willing to be His! I praise Him for yours, for mine.May your days be blessed and a continued blessing to others.loving you, ~ linda

  2. I've used unfurl. I guess it was the garden centre lingo I got used to .And I love that people can . Any timeYour header photo is phenomenal.I thought you made the quilt in the previous post, in your spare moments while moving and getting settled and I just about fell of my chair !!Happy Birthday week to you and yours as well. She is not so much my little one any more. Suddenly the age difference is less . It used to feel like 4 + 1 , but now it's just five. sigh

  3. Susan sent me over too! and I'm so grateful she did.thank you for sharing your unfurling and inspire me to unfurl a little more!Louise

  4. Wow, is that an actual photograph? Totally cool! And your words and symbolism are beautiful, too!

  5. What a beautiful photo and touching words! I like the word "unfurl," too, and used it in one of my posts at the beginning of spring.Love the symbolism that so beautifully expressed what God can do in our lives!

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