Grown on Holy Ground

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Listening When He Speaks, Poetry

An imperfect
tulip hid
a splendid
springtime display
of God’s
at a flower

It caught
eye and its
sweet aroma
my heart.

I reckon we get caught up looking at all the other lovelies in His field of flowers and in sheer overwhelmed awe, we turn our heart’s focus only inward. There we land upon our own ugly. And there is where we get caught too many times.

Do you know that God uses all sorts of vessels for holding and pouring out His divine love?

And doesn’t the Bible say talk of how many more angels rejoice at the turning of one ugly and outlandish sinner toward God than the turning of a field of good sinners? (oh yes, that was highly interpreted by my own self)

Once we let God use our tattered self as His vessel, our holiness has just begun. Please, join me today at Healing Hearts, Renewing Minds as I further discuss this very thing. Here is a bit…

Holiness, as described by Nancy Leigh DeMoss in her book by the same name, is “the overflow of a heart that is deeply grateful to have been redeemed by God from sin…it is motivated and enabled by the Holy Spirit

Overflow of a heart.
You mean that since I have accepted Jesus as my Saviour my heart easily will spill holiness?
Yes and no…


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