Planted Posts

A Story, Poetry

Are you overwhelmed when you look at your scribbled to-do list or when you read your internal soul data sheet?

Do you have a lot of work to do?

And countless things within to fix?

Like me?

when building a fence
small or
it all starts with
one hole
one post

I snapped this photograph at one of many nearby wineries. This one is expanding its already impressive vineyard size. Perhaps this photo is delusional in its depiction of the actual number of posts currently being planted. For the grammar police, oh, I know a photo cannot be deranged because it really has no thought pattern, but it is rather tricky in its presentation and I like to play with words… Anyway, lots and lots of new posts are being sunk deep into the ground. Lots.

Okay, back to that photograph. I was shooting from the car window with the zoom lens. This actually is a ginormous patch of ground, hugging close to an existing winery’s vineyard. The wine is apparently so good that the waiting list is names and years long. They don’t even advertise.

Even though it is a fancy-pants place and the owners live in a castle just up the creek from us, no one has posted guards at the lovely grape-growing site to stop crazed camera-toting, drive-by, car window shootings; although I am not sure what that video camera-looking thing is that follows my every move 😉

5 thoughts on “Planted Posts”

  1. 'it starts one post at a time'i needed this tonight. i am in a very weird place tonight. i feel foreign, it that makes any sense at all.

  2. was this for me? okay, so i'm not the only one in the world whose overwhelmed by life…you are beautiful, lady!

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