A Story

Yesterday at this time I was writhing in pain, crying out to God, and worrying about tomorrow and the day after. Now, I can move without fear of passing out and having my son come downstairs and find his mamma unconscious with a frozen baggy of corn syrup near her body. Praise God I am better! And thank you (big time) for praying.

In a hasty (and stupid) move yesterday morning as I was getting my husband’s breakfast, lunch, and coffee ready for his lunch box, I reached across the boiling kettle of water at the very instant steam shot out. I was burned and immediately thrust my wrist under cold water. I thought if I held it there long enough, all heat would dissipate and I would be fine. Wrongo! Well, I removed my arm from the cold and finished making and packing his meals. Then I settled atop the lunch box with an ice pack and waited for my husband to come in from chores. Head dropped to my chest in pain, hair in my face, tears in my eyes, and pleadings on my heart.

Concerned, he inquired. I told him what happened and he gave the needed sympathy before leaving for work. I moved to the couch with my son’s “Booboo Buddy” and a cold water, wetted towel. I lay there for some time. It hurt so bad. I am a tough girl so I couldn’t figure out why it was still hurting. I removed the cold pack garb and saw that the redness and inflammation had spread from my wrist to my knuckles and 1/3 the way up my forearm. I felt as if I was burning from the inside out.

I managed to plunk out a prayer request with my left hand and send it off, hoping the wings of God would quickly deliver it to inboxes. And I am not sure who I sent it to, I just started grabbing names and addresses, in my pain and delirium I am sure I neglected the folded hands of some.

After a couple of hours with the cold pack (replaced my son’s Booboo Buddy with the zipped baggie of frozen corn syrup–it’s pliable and works wonders), I made another peak and the skin that had immediately wrinkled and smooshed over to the side, had reabsorbed or reformed to its rightful state. Blisters were now two big, raised ugly looking things. After some more rest and a movie with the kid, and oh yeah, some herbal pain stuff, I felt better. I reckon the doors of heaven were being pounded with prayers too…

By evening, the brilliant redness and painful inflammation had reduced to the size of a 2-inch circle with one protruding blister. The other one had sucked itself back into my wrist flesh.

And today? Well, obviously the pain is gone as I am a typing fiend. Only that oddball blister remains atop a perfectly shaped red circle.

Amazing. Amazing. We indeed serve an amazing God! Thank you, my friends, for your prayers and emails. What a treasure I have in you and your hearts.

May I be so bold as to ask for another prayer? You betcha! Some of you know a little bit about this already… My friend, Gabi, went in for the final round of vaccinations one week ago, before she was due to leave for Uganda Sunday. She suffered incredible pain, the inability to move her arms, and sickness. Prayers went up to those doors of heaven and she felt better, only some arm pain remained. But I just found out that en route to the airport she got violently ill. She has a horrid virus and should be well enough to travel in a week or so. Here is her note to me this morning, entitled, “Just wanted to let you know”
that i’m not in uganda. yet.

on my way down the airport in london, i developed a pain in my head. i ignored it and prayed. then minutes later my temperature was rising and rising. i then started being sick. i just couldn’t stop throwing up. i’ve been feeling like death warmed over since, and the doctor has been to see me today and told me i have a really bad virus called ”noro virus”.
i should be safe to travel within a week, but for now i feel wretched.
please pray for me!
So, brothers and sisters in Christ, please think of how God answered prayers on my behalf yesterday and send up a heart beat plea for miss Gabi. Her soul is in Uganda, even if her body is still in England. Let’s get her healthy so she can be united with her self (and those precious jewels of orphans that she loves)!

and He received them
and spoke to them about the kingdom of God,
and healed those who had need of healing.
~ Luke 9:11

Little did I know this weekend, when I paired a portion of a poem with a photograph, that it would soon reflect my deepest needs. Actually, doesn’t it reflect all of our needs? To be covered with His wing.


5 thoughts on “Prayers”

  1. I'm so glad you're some better. Keep writing up a storm. I was reading some older stuff of yours. The colt pictures were so sweet. I grew up with horses and miss this part. Not the work involved though. 🙂

  2. This is such a good report apart from your dear friend. Will keep her in prayer, too … thanking God!!!

  3. i did pray, I'm just not getting much computer time of late ;(.glad you are on the mend.

  4. Thank you SO much.I'm so glad He answered the prayers of your friends. If I'd known, I'd have sent many prayers up on your behalf.

  5. I also am glad you are feeling some better. Still sending up prayers that the oddball blister will go. you have been on my mind.

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