Morning Kiss

For Fun, Poetry
Don’t make the Lord wait,
seek Him in the glory
of the morning.
For when you open your eyes,
and ready your heart,
His wonders fill you
right from the start.

Both weekend mornings gifted me with quiet time in His Word, followed by hands-on time outside in His world where I drank deep of God’s beauty. The beauty that breaks morning away from night…

My many blessings laced with wisps of thanks: spring mornings, birds chirping, buzzing hummingbirds, 2-hour long Sunday hike with boys and dogs, church service, son healing from 5ths disease, husband reaching for & holding my hand, wild onions covering hillside, no bears on hike, pungently sweet scents of high mountain flowers, basketball games, husband and son watching the “Swiss Family Robinson” in bed Saturday morning (because they are reading it aloud every night), whole wheat waffles, rhubarb sauce, whole wheat & honey cinnamon rolls, and the sweetness just goes on and on and on.

Here is some of what I found as I wandered and wondered, with only the breaking dawn as my companion:


flimsy as a wedding veil

Masquerading, but not constraining her love

She is giddy, delighted, eager for a kiss


flirty as golden ringlets

Cascading, but not confined by the hollow of her neck

Waiting for invited thieves to steal her sweetness


sugary as a bride’s heart

Displaying, but not sharing her deepest desires

She waits, shrouded in yellow honeymoon dust

And these words found me this morning:
Morning Kiss

New rays of golden sunshine
kiss the morning
and bid her “good day”
as dawn pulls on a dress of yellow light.

Dew-hugged grass glistens
while morning looks on.

She nudges nests
and awakens gentle birds
to harmonize in song.

Beckoning all to listen,
the dawn cracks wide and long,
“Embrace me!” “Embrace me!”
Morning arises to say
“Catch me!” “Catch me!”

Kiss the morning
and bid her “good day”
before summer’s hot sun
snatches her away.

God called the light Day,
and the darkness He called Night.
So the evening and the morning
were the first day.
~ Genesis 1:5

Then they rose early
in the morning
and worshiped
before the LORD
~ 1 Samuel 1:19

holy experience


8 thoughts on “Morning Kiss”

  1. Is there someway to be notified when you post your new treasures? These images and words are a delight.

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