For Fun, HCB Photo Prompt

For next week’s PhotoPlay post, get your camera, head out and find a subject to frame. While out and about consider the following:

What frames appeal to you most?
Does this preference reveal anything to you about the way in which you frame people, God, or elements of your life?

Little did Claire know that when she prompted with this “frame” idea at High Calling Blogs, a headache would ensue. For example, “frame of reference” kept popping in to my head. Look what is said on Wikipedia about that term:

A frame of reference in physics, may refer to a coordinate system or set of axes within which to measure the position, orientation, and other properties of objects in it, or it may refer to an observational reference frame tied to the state of motion of an observer. It may also refer to both an observational reference frame and an attached coordinate system, as a unit.

Oiy, that hurts my brain. A lot.

Let’s get back to some other frames, shall we?

– frame: outlines a place of focus

– picture frame: wood, metal, plastic, glass

– building frame: supporting structure of a house (usually includes 2x4s, nails, concrete footings)

– framing hammer: heavy-duty, claw is straight; pounds nails real good

– framed: involves trickery, treachery, lies; involves the use of a scapegoat

– frame of bowling: roll the ball, count the pins, record the score; aka your turn

– window frame: notched opening in aforementioned building frame in which an area is set aside and made suitable for holding glass–it is set, fitted, nailed, and glued in place

Frames, frames, frames. Who knew there were so many? And please note, all those definitions came straight from my brain.

As a literary device, one might even see how an author frames something with hair. They like to do that you know…
Golden curls frame her four-year old face while her sky-blue eyes sparkle with delight.

I reckon Claire was speaking of frames with four sides, a glass front, and a heavy cardboard back. Here is what I know about those.

Photographs, paintings and poems
hand on my walls
freely stand
or lean upon shelves.
Wood, metal, plastic
and glass
images and even words.
Making them
than a pile
of Polaroids
or pages splattered
with ink.

For the photo prompt, this is what I found:

Four windows are framed with 1x4s. Windows span floor to ceiling. Over two stories of glass.

I see only the gigantic cross.

Instead of separating glass from walls and giving a viewpoint from the dining room, these windows remind of Christ’s gigantic love. And the places where walls are? That reminds me to seek Him. Within.

Now follow me outside and across the creek as I climb through the metal gate, making myself flat and parallel with the ground while I squeeze through. Now I am standing in the neighbor’s field, next to their cattle holding pen. Like any farmish area, there are bits and pieces of things.

I bend and peer through one end of the tunnel. It reminds me of my heart. Once dark inside, but now illuminated by the SonShine. Much like this metal heart, mine is visible for peering eyes too.

One just need to stop long enough to take a look.

Back to the photo prompt questions at the top of the page. What frames appeal to me most? Well, that depends on the situation.

I reckon if I am holding a bowling ball and those crazy white lights are showing everyone the dry skin on my arms, then I would be most interested in finishing my frame of bowling.

If my engineer husband starts babbling about mathematical frames of reference, my eyes will roll into the back of my head and slobber will dribble down my chin. Then you would know that sort of frame does not appeal to me.

When my mamma built her house (yes, with her own two hands), a framing hammer was appealing while pounding the wooden skeleton in place. But that heavy hammer would not work for delicate interior trim work.

Actually, if we are talking picture frames, I like the frame-less frames the best.
You know, the clip frames that merely connect glass to backing, making the photo the only focal point?

And how does that preference reveal anything about the way I frame the stuff of my life? With frame-less frames, nothing really is trapped or confined (except for under the glass and between the backing board). The barriers are down.

Let the Light shine in!

(Please do understand my rambling. Husband is gone. I have read three novels in four days. Dishes are piled. Laundry is heaped. Six inches of words are rattling around in my head. It’s too much to process. I have a kink in my gizmo now as a result. Friends, I think my frame of reference is skewed. I am on a homebound vacation. I am drunk on words.)

* And this post today has a mind of its own. The little fellas who put the words on the screen must be on vacation too because they end the line wherever they want, splitting my words right in half. I think they need to borrow some framing glue.


6 thoughts on “Frames”

  1. you made laugh, and I've been reading and spinning in words, not much else to do , wounded as I am and all.great photos. and I I think frame of reference applies to much of what you said here.

  2. Oh, these are just too good! I tried to take a couple, but they didn't turn out too great. I might post them anyway, just for fun.Love your "frame" of view! 🙂

  3. you are a character indeed!washing piles… dive in and enjoy the smell of your boys. don't worry about washing it out. let it stack up for a while and just be. you are allowed to. (talking to myself here as well)i like the second photo best.

  4. just noticed your note on followers. that has been my heart all along. i do believe that He is the only one to be followed.

  5. I like when you ramble. I'm never sure where I'm going to end up, but the journey is fun. I especially liked your analogy with the windows,walls, and then tunnel.Four books in three days–now I'm envious; I'm still working on course work.Keep ramblin'.

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