Lesson in Theophany

Poetry, Scripture Talk

My Saturday gift to you, dear reader, a poem influenced by eating hunks of the great Exodus and sipping some Robert Hillyer prose, both within the same early morning hour…

A Lesson in Theophany…

“He did not take away
the pillar of cloud by day
or the pillar of fire by night”
Rather, He gave them 24-hour sight.

Yet the children grumbled in unheralded fright.
How they spoke to Moses
and how Moses in turn, cried out to God
was not in the least, the Lord’s delight.

Dear reader, it is a pity
how soon they lost their trust.
Biting with words and worrying with hearts
Don’t they seem a wretched lot to us?

Moses, My son (I can just hear the Lord say),
there indeed are times to cease
and stop and kneel and pray,
but that is not what you must do this day.

Hold your tongue!
Outstretch your arm!
Lead by example!
And take charge of this ungrateful swarm!

Moses indeed stretched his hand out over the sea
alas! the waters disengaged and divided.
The mumblers gawked and in they ran,
as if the sea floor herself had invited.

All the kings horses
and all the kings men
made haste into the sea
never to be seen again.

God was before
He was behind,
Lighting the blackened dark,
shielding from the glaring shine.

Dear reader, if you see a pillar by day
or even one by night,
please do not despair
for God is right there, by your side.

I will conclude this lesson upon my knees
as I pray that you have learned a lesson indeed…
whene’er God appears in physical form
it is divine “theophany.”
* Exodus 13:22 (NKJV)

2 thoughts on “Lesson in Theophany”

  1. This was such a word for my heart today.All day God has been speaking to me through Moses's words and heart, and then I came over and read this.THANKYOU!

  2. Gift, indeed … just yesterday I was thinking about this account. You have fashioned it so poetically.

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