For Fun, Photo Story, Poetry

Come, float your hands over the top,
releasing the aroma of papery poppies & lavender flowers.

Sit with me for a spell
and we’ll barely notice as minutes turn to hours.

Or find a trail
and in peaceful beauty, wander along,

Until perhaps you find your son
gathering you some green-stemmed love.

A field lush with solitude begs
you to blossom or bloom

Or lazily graze
upon a hillside of grassy plume.

Come here, bend down low
and watch your heart soars & be blessed.

Now gently roll over onto your belly
and take a little time for a lovely rest.

Here is a good reminder–before you go:
gathering your kinfolk would be best.

Ah, there he is
under the tree’s shade, sitting calmly upon the ground

Quietly looking for ways
to spread God’s heavenly seeds around.

* All photos taken one week ago at a local lavender farm. My son and I ate our picnic lunch, picked some flowering lavender, met the lovely owner, and enjoyed some rest.

* Here is another post with additional images from that day.

holy experience
This post is part of Ann’s quiet look at resting

* Okay one more thing, it took me two hours to upload my images today.
Anybody else having issues with blogger?
Considering giving them the heave-ho-merrily-I-go
(to another blog hosting site).


9 thoughts on “Rest”

  1. *sigh* I want to come next time! What beautiful images of a beautiful day. "Barney":)

  2. These are restful photos, sorry for the time it took to load them. I think blogger comments feature has been acting up lately too.I haven't had photo issues though. I love that warning about not gathering up your kids.Classic.I went for a kind of sort of power walk today. Yippee. Progress. Of course now I am in agony. No pain no gain and all that.

  3. Sorry it took you so long to upload, but I'm thankful that you stuck with it! 🙂 The pictures are beautiful and so fitting with the poem. Blessings to you.

  4. I feel better just looking at the pictures. Lavender is so soothing to the eye, the nose, and the soul.What a wonderful way to spend the day!

  5. Oh, what a blessing to join you in the midst of this lavender farm. I needed this rest today as well.loving you, ~ linda

  6. i can almost smell it.nice!thanks for the comment, telling me about the church gathering that you are going to.:-)wonderful!

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