God in the Yard

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Sharecropping. Webster describes it as “working (the land) for a share of the crop.” That is what it feels like with the sharing of L.L.‘s book. Each recipient gets his/her fair share of the crop held between the covers. But we do have to do the work to extrapolate the guiding words of wisdom, those that connect our very hearts to God in real ways.

My last couple of posts were about the sale of our beloved western Oregon home. (And I thank you for your prayers and kind words.) Upon returning to our rental home the other afternoon, I set the mail on the table and clicked the answering machine to do her talking whilst I opened the much-anticipated package sent from Maryland. From the message machine I heard as a gal at the Oregon title company simply said, “The sale of your home was recorded today. It is final.”

I knew it was coming and hearing it from a machine-recorded woman was okay. Nobody could understand my heart at that very moment anyway. Or so I thought.

With hot new tears streaming, I opened the package…

Jessica wrote me a lovely, kind-hearted, and spirit-filled note. On the flip side I saw a scripture reference to Psalm 40:1. Amazing. How did she know that has been our family verse throughout this relocation?

And then to find these pressed flowers, plucked by hands that last held this book and turned pages into heart beats.

Following the suggestion of L.L., when my month is finished, I too will gather bits of my yard to send along to the next recipient.

I read novels front to back. That is right and proper. Not so with other books. I read the introduction and maybe the first chapter, but then I skip through it until I find a place that whispers for me to come closer. I did this with Week 10: Selfcare.

From an agoraphobic-laced poem to letting her daughter hold the salad-making reigns (and the sharp knife) to the health facts regarding stress to the hands-on activities to the week’s prayer, she ministered to me. Big time. It was just what I needed that day.

Folks, I do not understand how this blessed author weaves such Truth and reality and personal stories with the very fibers of my heart and mind. And her dollops of humor really strike my fancy. She scatters their sweet, creamy parts throughout the teaching. The learning.

In the introduction, L.L. tells the reader to do what works for them. Initially, I am not much for questions and prompts. I like to do my scatter reading and then go back and do it proper-like, front to back. I scribble in margins, make words and phrases golden (or green) with a highlighter marker, and lay lines of ink beneath words. (But, I must refrain from doing that with this borrowed book!) That is how I read and eat a book. That is how I make it part of me. When my month is done, I reckon I will have to break down and buy a copy for my shelf.

But mainly for my heart.

Isn’t it amazing how God works in our lives? Just when I was feeling yard-less, He made it my turn for the book.

And just when I was feeling forgetful and forlorn, He reminded me (through Jessica) of His promises.

I waited patiently for the LORD;

And He inclined to me,
And heard my cry.
~ Psalm 40:1

In order to reap the harvest of the Currant Lemon-Thyme Journey, L.L.’s name for the perpetual re-gifting of her book, one must work (their own soil) for a share of the crop. I am ready, just let me put my ink pen and highlighter in the other room.

* to buy your own book, go here


3 thoughts on “God in the Yard”

  1. Riotous applause! I am so excited that you received the book safe and sound. Cherish the time it goes too quickly.

  2. Wow.It's what you say here. And it's how you say it.I am sort of holding my breath. Like I walked into a sacred place.

  3. Yay! Now we can read together. and discuss amongst ourselves 🙂 So excited for how God talks to you through this book. His timing is perfect, no?Hugs, dear one.

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