On Being Me

A Story, guest post

My friend, Jennifer Dukes Lee at Getting Down With Jesus, always shares her heart and enthusiasm through her wonderfully weaved words. Indeed she is an inspiration, not just as a writer, but mostly as a daughter of Christ and a godly woman.

She may be known far and wide for Getting Down With Jesus, but she does it out-loud and in a way that makes others want to join her!

Today I am over at her place. Follow me, please.

I can just imagine all of us on one giant trampoline…havin’ a hoot, sharing hearts, and always reaching for God whether we are jumping high or getting down with our silly and sassy selves.


3 thoughts on “On Being Me”

  1. Just read your post over at Jennifer's. Loved it. Loved your honesty. Loved that you kept going, kept putting on the skirts, giving those tackling hugs. The church has room for all of us, and all our baggage.

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