God’s Winds…

A Story, For Fun, HCB Photo Prompt

We have a few choices in life…

Stand around looking pretty.

Cling tight, not wanting to let go.

Scoot to the edge, waiting for God’s winds to blow.

Me? For today, I choose the latter.

I don’t always. I don’t always.

Last year at this time my son and I made our maiden voyage to this land we now call home. I hired a horse-dog-cat-chicken-house sitter to come tend to our motley crew of critters. We crammed sleeping bags and clothes and all manner of food in the truck’s toolbox. Then we gathered our our moxie by the bowl full and ate a gigantic breakfast of it before I drove us across a couple states to meet daddy at his new mill. Then we followed him to his cramped basement studio apartment and spent the weekend gasping over the heat, the farmland, and the awaiting adventure.

In some ways it seems only like yesterday that we started the big move. And in others, it seems like eons ago. During the relocation and transition there have been absolutely no times that I stood ’round lookin’ purty. It just ain’t my cup o’ tea. I was either clinging so tight I thought my heart would explode or I was taking a leap–and still I thought my heart would explode.

We are settling in okay. It has been quite a pilgrimage. There are still stacks of boxes in the back room and I don’t feel totally organized. We have found a most wonderful church family and that helps to ease some of the hurt endured since leaving our most precious friends and neighbors. Nobody can or will replace our Oregon family, but I have found that I do have enough friendship to share here too. I don’t want to fail to mention that this little country church also has a passionate preacher man who obviously loves the Lord (and us) and is serious about teaching God’s true Word.

I have found a favorite grocery store. My son has some fellow homeschooler, Christ-loving buddies…and I have a wonderful friendship with their mother. Basically it is the first time I have had a friend my own age with the same values and morals (& vegan eating habits!). My son doesn’t hide behind my legs and cling to my hand like he used to do. My husband? Well, that man of mine fits in wherever he goes. His hard work, leadership, kindness, willingness to help, and towering cowboy frame make him more than likable.

Here we are in our second rental home since leaving Oregon. School is about to start. I am highly distracted with writing and photography. I have ordered some homeschool supplies to supplement this year’s rather loose educational plan. I am trying to keep up with two ministries. I have joined my local Tea Party Patriots group and signed-up for a stint at the fair booth. Keep that in mind…

Less than one week ago I called the parks and recreation department to get the details for my son’s upcoming soccer season. I was told that he indeed is on a team, but there is no coach. Then the gal coyly asked if I would be interested. I stammered and stuttered. She asked my background. Cat jumped outta the bag. She heard my mumbling response about having an elementary physical education degree. So, here I am, up to my eyeballs with things to do and now I am more than a soccer mom, I am a soccer coach. This year he is too young and too inexperienced, but I really really thought I was going to be a rodeo team mom. Guess there is always next year for that!

In more ways than one, I am not where I ever imagined I would be.

But we have these choices in life…

Stand around looking pretty.

Cling tight, not wanting to let go.

Scoot to the edge, waiting for God’s winds to blow.

And then my friend,
you are free to bloom right where God has planted you!

* My new header photo and this one within the post are my contribution for Claire’s PhotoPlay prompt with High Calling Blogs where she told us to pick up your camera and capture a moment that signifies where you are on your personal pilgrimage right now.

Does mine look like a lady getting ready to coach 6-year olds in the fine sport of soccer? Shhh…don’t tell them that I do not even know how to play the game! For organized field sports, I am more of a football sorta girl where smashing and tackling are allowed. But I do know that little kids soccer a.k.a. mob-ball (3 on 3 play where the mini fellas just chase the ball like puppies after a wad of sweet cotton candy) is something this Simple Country Girl can handle!

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13 thoughts on “God’s Winds…”

  1. Oh, how I needed to read this this morning!!! No, I don't usually stand around looking "purty" either, but the wind has not quite caught me in your shoes! That PE degree spilled out and there you are! "Mob-ball" is a great title for those little ones. We watched a friend's 4 year old on his first soccer team one Saturday. Ryan was out there on the field picking dandelions and chasing butterflies while the teams buzzed passed him I don't know how many times! His dad kept hollering "Ryan, the ball just passed you!" "Ryan, get the ball!" etc, etc!! : ) Gotta love them! Thank you for encouraging me to move to that edge and wait for the wind. I actually am about there as I write. New adventure coming shortly and letting go of caregiving for a brief reprieve … one so very much needed! May your day be blessed and you be a blessing, ~ linda

  2. Soccer coach? Really? Wow. I'm glad that you've decided to bloom where you are planted. I've been in the same place for a very long time, but I have a sense of wanderlust that never seems to go away. I'd love to see you coach a game. And that picture is amazing.

  3. Oh, what a great story! So similar to mine in oh so many ways! We will have to have coffee/iced tea/glass of milk together one day! Let's invite Jennifer, too so she can bring us one of those delicious bags of soy nuts!

  4. Scooting to the edge can be so scary, but you have soldiered through. Sounds like the Lord lifted you up and landed you in a place that can be home one day. And it will. Just keep scooting.

  5. what journey of strength and …faith ~ so happy to have read of your journey..mob ball…the best!!

  6. I love your new header! Not that I know what the old one looked like or anything. i Barely found you yesterday via Dukes Lee. 🙂

  7. go on… you always were ready to run out onto that field!your energy and vibrance jump out at me. infectious really. hugs,me

  8. Was great to hear about your journey to where you are now. I like the choices you give. I think I have more of the tendency to hang on tight, let go a little, and then grab on tight again to what is know.Love your photo!Blessings,Janis

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