Where Ya Going?

For Fun, Photo Story

Every now and then I will post an image. Sometimes two.
And ask what word or phrase comes to mind…


10 thoughts on “Where Ya Going?”

  1. For some reason, as soon as I looked at it, Brad Paisley's song, 'When I Get Where I'm Going' came to mind, which in turn makes me think of Jenny because it was played at her memorial.

  2. Oh Connie, the images make me think along those lines as well. We know where Jenny is and we can rejoice in that…and the influence for God's Kingdom she lived for the world to see.Hugs to you, my Idaho friend.Blessings.

  3. I am not feeling particularly deep today, which is probably why I can only think of one thing when I see this…"Into the wild blue yonder"For what it's worth.It's a really cool picture, though! Those jet streams are hard to capture and you've done it perfectly.

  4. Makes me think of hopping a plane to a remote island. Somewhere I can be alone with my thoughts and with God. But that's probably because I'm homebound today. My daughter has the sniffles, so she stayed home. So, I guess I'm right where I'm supposed to be for the time being.

  5. A 'zipline' straight to heaven!Of course it helped that I just did a zipline adventure on vacation—totally cool high up in the trees—but a zipline through the clouds—simply wow.

  6. "Contrails."Okay, not so original. But I live near the Air Force Academy and see condensation trails all the time. It does make me wonder: what trails am I leaving for others to see?

  7. Soaring…that's what I think of. This earth-bound girl just longs to fly…Hey, you. I'm just wondering how you are today. Thinking of you with much love in my heart. And a peachy grin on my face :)Maybe I'll tell you about that soon 🙂

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