For Fun, Photo Story


What sort of things do you have coming outta the chute this week?

I hope your ride is smoother

than it was for these cowboys.
[Look underneath that bull. Do you see the cowboy boots, spurs, and jean-clad legs all trying not to get trampled by hooves & snot & muscle & writhing mean?

Now, look at the boy’s face in the upper center-right of this image. His jaw is hanging low and his eyebrows are raised high.
I reckon he is glad to be riding only the fence rail.]

This (wannabe) photographer took over 100 images of BLURRY bull snot, cowboys, bucking horses, and all things rodeo. I reckon I should have checked my settings (and perhaps read my manual some) before clickety-clicking for hours Friday night. Hard lesson learned. Although not nearly as hard as some wild falls I saw. God bless the cowboy, he is a special sorta breed of all things tough.


7 thoughts on “Rides”

  1. Cool… I actually LIKE the blur in these photos. Sure it could be a little clearer, but it shows the extreme motion of the bulls. pretty cool…

  2. I like the blur, too … gives me a sense of the action. Hopefully, nothing that hard is coming at me this week.

  3. He is a tough breed!Delighted to meet you today! Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to get drenched in goodness.Splashin,Sara

  4. came back because I was thinking my comment didn't go.. I'm always clicking and getting sidetracked.and you know, I was going to say the same. I like the blur. I discovered the little running man setting for sports after messing up a few times at soccer games on my camera this past year. It's exciting that there is so much to learn , but daunting too.School has resume for my younger ones now too….so all things previously procrastinated are on the table and ready to get done. hope you are well.

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