Photo Story, Poetry

Hope, in your hand
like a flower,
is sweet.

Pluck the petals,
lay a trail
in the crowded street.

Fix the soul-holes
with cemented
pavers of Love.

Grab a stranger’s heart,
show them the way
to God above.

Free them
from despair,
needless strife.

Now open your hand,
share His sweet Hope,
introduce an eternal Life.

* Part of Bridget Chumbley’s One Word at a Time: HOPE

HOPE is what my friend Gabi is living out loud. Her heart is broke in a million pieces for the orphans of Uganda. This little gal may be small in stature, but she is GIANT in heart and love. Giant in His Love.

She has made two trips to Uganda. She loves those little ones like she had given birth to them. She bleeds their blood. She cries their tears. She holds their hope in her beating heart.

Gabi has a home secured for her return in January 2011. She has worked with Sixty Feet and has orphans that are ready to come live with her in that home. She has arranged for locals to work with her, providing them a job and giving them hope.

Friends, she is short $585 per month. Her return depends on this funding. Do you have it? Do you have part of it? Do you have a church body that has it? Do you know someone who would like to sponsor her efforts?

Do we have the Hope to share with Gabi so she can hold those children in her not only her heart, but on her lap?

Here are some links to learn more about God’s call on Gabi’s life:

Her most recent post with the news of her need

In her own words, who is Gabi?

A story I did about Gabi (and 60 Feet).

Another bit about sweet Gabi & how she inspired us to work alongside her.

Several other photographers (Claire, Connie, Kelly, Susan–and there are more gathering images) have come alongside me in an international photography ministry. Please visit For The Least of These and look around. Many photos you see on your favorite blogs are for sale. All profits go to help orphans in Uganda. Orphans there oftentimes have no food or clothes, let alone someone to hold them and love them. Orphans there are treated like trash. Orphans there need the love you hold in your hearts. Don’t hold it in. Let it go, like petals in the wind, release the Hope of Christ.

* Katdish (and any other reader), if you see an image somewhere around here that you like today, let me know. If you fancy a print I will make it and upload it to For The Least of These. And then you can buy it for yourself and hang it on your wall…


5 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. Love this, Darlene.The idea of giving hope as a gift, of pointing people to the Giver of Hope.And dang…where did you take that header picture? That's beautiful.

  2. * Susan, thank you for this comment. And thank you for your images to give Hope to the orphans.* Kathy, I took the photo just down the road. I love it too. I had my camera for soccer photos and forgot to use it then on our way home, my son and I saw some amazing displays of cloudy beauty. Do you want a copy?!Love you two.

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