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This past weekend I caught blessing after blessing, all filtered through the wondrous hands of our mighty and gracious and loving God.
Nathan Clark George and his precious, beautiful family blessed our church family in so many ways. He entertained us with his guitar, harmonica, humor and voice. Nathan is one gifted man. He sings scripture. He sings of love, not only God’s, but of his love for wife and children. He even sang about a couple of silly chickens, a too-trusting chicken hawk, and a very coy buzzard.
NCG blesses us.
This award-winning acoustic artist dared the down-home, country folks of my small rural community – he dared us to praise. And dare I say, praise we did! I got it from a trusted source that we “done-good for northerners.”
NCG plays guitar.
Nathan and his family, wife Patsy and six children, travel by RV around America. It is quite a ministry. He waters people deep. And his wife? I can easily say that she inspires deep as well. This “woman behind the man” actually stands next to him. She supports, encourages, nurtures and loves on both her husband and their precious kids in a way that inspires me to be better and do better. These very roles God has given me as a wife and mother are gifts. And I need loving hands to treat them right and to do right.
Patsy, holds the hand of her son.
In addition to music that made my heart sing, I got to meet miss Kathleen. The love and kindness and sisterhood that this woman of God poured on me were showers from heaven. She and her husband drove six hours, six hours, to meet me and mine. They endured interesting campground residents and lots of rain. Our little country church welcomed them, fed them, and loved on them.
I sat with miss Kathleen and her husband for the latter part of the concert. And we got to hold hands in prayer while Nathan closed the evening with words of praise to God.
miss Kathleen embraces, touches, and loves with this hands
Musically-gifted hands.
Motherly hands.
Friendly hands.
Do you realize how God’s blessings pour?
They pour forth
out of
Friends, please go here and check out Nathan’s music. If you play your cards right you will even get some free downloads as well. 😉 Hint: look at the bottom of the page for a little box that says “take me to the music.”
Thank you oodles-n-oodles George Family for gracing me and my church family with all that God has given you! And I hope to hear some progress reports on that two-stepping lesson we gave you in the dark of the encroaching night out behind your bus. That was one of our favorite parts of the entire evening. Come back and we will do it right. Yeah, right on the hardwood floors of our kitchen. I even know some music to which we can dance…”Heaven is My Dream!”
Blessings and blessings to your and yours!
(Pssst…this is a surprise for mommy & daddy George. I will send a few others via email too.)
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6 thoughts on “Hands”

  1. What a wonderfully blessed day that must have been. Beautiful music AND Miss Kathleen? Just, wow. I'm jealous. In a good way. Jealous FOR you. luv ya!

  2. Ahhh. For a 'touch camel' you hug with your whole self. Thank you for the gift, the invitation. We were blessed.Your town, your church family, your family ~ lovely. But we left before the dancing? Dang…..Thanks for not posting 'the other pictures'. Those will not be facebook profile pics any time soon, trust me. Reality is my friend, right? 🙂 I ate cashews for breakfast and am googling chin exercises.

  3. Beautiful hands, beautiful words. Thanks, Darlene. I'm going to get up that way someday. Not sure I'm brave enough to camp in a tent like Kathleen did, but I'll get there.

  4. Thank you, Darlene, for your invitation, kind words, beautiful pictures, and especially for the dance lesson! We thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Nathan had a great time playing to such a receptive crowd!

  5. I just enjoyed a guitarist/harmonica player this past Friday. Amazing how he could do both at the same time. :)The pictures of hands are lovely.

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