By God

Listening When He Speaks, Photo Story, Poetry

He had made these things.

He is good.
all is 

All is

Autumn’s heat,
borrowed from summer’s
sky of deepest blue.
And her cool night’s kiss
whispers of winter.

Praises to our King,
we joyfully

Seasons give way
one to another.
If we listen,
we hear
just how we
are connected.

Shhh.Be still.

Do you hear
His song?

to another.
to another.

Thank you kind sisters and brothers in Christ. 
My utmost is yours.
Because it is His.

*Added Tuesday evening:

Friends, please huddle with me around baby Ewan’s mommy and daddy. Encircle them in prayers. Pound heaven’s doors with your voices and moans. Wet His feet with your tears. Baby Ewan went to be with the Lord October 3rd…

9 thoughts on “By God”

  1. Oh! My heart did a little happy dance when I saw your name pop up … been missing you, your gifts, your place in the body … praying … always praying.

  2. Sweetgirl! My heart is happy dancing with Susan's. Loverby has been heavy along with me. His big heart knit with yours and Eric's. You know how to comfort because you know so well what discouragement feels like. You got blasted. Thanks for getting up again. That encourages me! 🙂

  3. Darlene,I'm glad you felt compelled to return ,and hope you found peace in your rest and quiet.I was thinking about what you said, convicted because I haven't done my part for you as yet, because I keep putting it to the bottom of the list. For many reasons. Many . I hope you understand if I decide to take a pass after all. I've been thinking of some things of late too..I hope we can continue to search for the light in the broken here in the real world, and the blog world in our own way. love to youwv is dergod. Dear God. because isn't everything a prayer.deb

  4. I just LOVE the words before the photo. It's been a while since I've read something by you. *throws big welcome party*

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