Woman at the Well

HCB Photo Prompt, Photo Story, Poetry

Like the parched Samaritan woman at the well, I stand close to the water. Her need was physical. It was thirst. Mine? My need is spiritual. And emotional. A clear vantage point is what I seek. 

Search I do, time and again. And again.

Perhaps a reflection will tell me something. Explain my past, clarify my present, or preview my future. I gaze. Continually I seek. Not into mirrors, for I already know whom I will see in those wooden-framed places–and quite frankly I don’t want any more of her. She mostly confuses me.

I reckon if I stare into the very waters God separated from the sky and gathered around masses of land on the second and third days of Creation, I will catch a glimpse of what I seek, even if only a fleeting one. After all, water is the very mirror He has made. 

No other looking glass shimmers and waves and comes alive like His water.

Oh friend, look. Ah! I see things in the water that I cannot see as I stand on the banks. The branches and leaves impede my view straight across. But look, there it is! In the water I see.

And here, over here! I see things made whole. When He gets me at just the right place and tilts my head to just the right angle, seemingly unrelated things become united and real.

As a writer and a photographer, I may wet pages with inky tears and drink beauty with my camera lens,

but He is the only one who quenches the parched places of my soul. 

Jesus, I am the woman at the well!

(regarding John 4:7-26)
Autumn Waters

Rocks into Fish

Glassy Green Perfection

Lake Wenatchee Ripples

Mountain Water

* Miss Claire  gave the PhotoPlay prompt for October. We were instructed to capture reflections. Even though she very clearly told us not to capture our own image, it seems I did. Albeit mine are not pictures of my mug, but all have proved to be glimpses into my heart. 

She also instructed us on the aperture use of our manual camera settings. Oh, I am happy that she gave this lesson, but if you have been around here long enough, you ought to be aware of my ineptness with all things technical. I know about the “A” setting, but I simply could not use it. No, not because I am being contrary, but because my flash cards are full and I have nary a spot to click a new image into my camera. Uh, and my husband has not helped me (err, he has not done it yet) download the images to my external hard-drive so I can erase them from my camera card to make room for new pictures. Capiche? 

Anyway, miss Claire, here are some reflection photos of days gone by. And I can attest to the fact that all images were taken with the auto pre-set modes of either “scenery” or “sunsets.” For me, beauty is in the simple. Simple sights. Simple places. Simple hearts. Profound God.


10 thoughts on “Woman at the Well”

  1. D, your header is hilarious!!!Thank you for the laugh. I think you know a whole pile more than you give yourself credit for when it comes to tech things. Your pictures reflect your heart.

  2. Better lady bugs than love bugs — horrible creatures.I loved your combination of visual and word pictures. Love how much more we see in God's mirror than man's, and how you draw that out.

  3. Darlene,"water, the mirror He has made." Really liked that!! your pictures are great and I sure would like a taste of those apples from your most recent post. Love cold, sweet apples…like them best, though, warmed up in a pie with some vanilla ice cream half-melted on top:)

  4. This part:"–and quite frankly I don't want any more of her. She mostly confuses me."Yeah, I know what that is. :)And your photo of Lake Wenatchee Ripples—oh, that did something to my soul. Thank you thank you.

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