For Fun, Photo Story

New Math:
Pie + Party = Pie-arty



I peeled some apples for a pie 
eating, worldwide party

Then I turned, not to far
for my honey jar

Seems I lost the fruit from under the peels
but I found the cinnamon and oatmeal

Does anyone know,
“where did my apples go?”

Perhaps they ran away with the wooden spoon
to make applesauce on the moon?
Earlier this week L.L. Barkat offered a Pie Party invitation to the masses. In honor of the marriage-like union which produced the new HighCalling.org, twittering and pie-eating was had. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but if there is an opportunity to share pie and poetry (and fun!), I am in, even if days and days late.  😉

3 thoughts on “Pie-arty”

  1. This is fun. And I missed you at the twitter pie-party — sorry I didn't get to say hello. BTW, love the ladybug sign and your commentary. God has a sense of humor, yes?

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