Splendor in Surrender

Poetry, Ugly-Beauty

She flung open the window, tied tattered curtains back and set the poetry challenge on the sill, perhaps to tantalize the senses like a cherry pie as it cools.

This week, try writing a poem using the catalog technique. For more instruction on “how-to,” go here and here. If you want some visual inspiration to play off, check out these. Or just write a poem of any kind, if catalogs aren’t your thing. 

Here is the link  to the actual article and challenge. 

splendor in surrender glows brilliance of a new life

splendor in surrender shines golden in His eyes

splendor in surrender drips His victory 

splendor in surrender tastes of honey

splendor in surrender

in surrender


He must increase, 
but I must decrease. 

He who comes from above 
is above all; 

he who is of the earth is earthly 
and speaks of the earth. 

He who comes from heaven 
is above all.

~ John 3:30-31 (NKJV)

For more on the life-changing and very tender act of surrender, 
please join me over here today as I revisit that old restaurant trick referred to 
as the Dine-n-Dash.


6 thoughts on “Splendor in Surrender”

  1. Love that, Darlene. The golden color theme throughout. Very good stuff. And I don't even "get" poetry most of the time.

  2. oh yes, definitely cherry! πŸ™‚ I liked the simple ending of this.And wouldn't you know that today when I danced, I focused on surrender πŸ™‚

  3. I wasn't able to access the link with photos, but your photo is certainly a stunner. And, yes, simple surrender … rarely simple though.

  4. "splendor in surrender" … oh how beautiful! I am mesmerized by the wisdom in the words, the visual terracing, the Scripture, the photo. Thank you, ~ linda

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