This to This

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our beautiful rental home
amid the mountains & trees & between two creeks

Two weeks ago a big ole snow storm blew in, bringing with it frigid temperatures, nasty roads, near zero visibility and the opportunity for my family to
move. Not as in wriggle around and perhaps dance, but move as in relocate one’s household goods and transport assorted farm animal menagerie to an entirely new ranchola. Perhaps some folks would rent a big moving truck and try to do it in one trip. And those same folks likely would still be standing in the ditch trying to dig-out said moving truck, two weeks later. 

What’s a little hazardous winter weather to a simple country girl, her husband, and their seven-year old boy? I reckon a few more gray hairs. Actually, we crammed packed boxes, horses, hay, toothbrushes, assorted food items, and blankets into the three-horse slant horse-trailer, connected the gooseneck to the bed of our four-wheel drive pick-up, and traversed the rough roads of winter to our new locale. Not once, but countless times. Really. I have lost count. And I have lost my mind.

There are bits and pieces of the move that I will share another day, if I can find which box they are in. After this weekend, we have only one more trip for household stuff and many more trips for firewood and farm stuff…

Although this is our third move in thirteen months and I am knocking on the nut house door, we have experienced a multitude of blessings along the way…

* hardest working man I know leading this motley crew of a family 

* beauty in the snow

* time out for sledding

* Thanksgiving dinner with friends

* other friends brought us a meal

* church family muscles

* cardboard boxes

* red duct tape 

* wood stoves

* new scenery (even though it is way different than what we are used to, it is still God’s creation, therefor it is 

view from the deck of the log home we just bought
amid farmland, but at the base of a ski mtn so trees are nearby

* family passing through (& their help and hugs)

* high speed internet access (I don’t even know what “dsl” stands for, but it is a tad faster than our previous satellite connection!)

* popcorn

* church service at the dining room table

* Jesse Tree (unearthed it yesterday and quite ready to focus on something other than moving)

* safe travels

* red duct tape (I already said it, but it counts for two cause I love it so)

* concerned friends who emailed re: my whereabouts and sanity

* four-wheel drive Dodge 

* credit card (for scraping ice inside pick-up because temps were so low our breath made ice on windows)

* long-underwear 

* wool blankets

* on and on and on…

Friends, the last time I was here I challenged you to secretly do something kind for another person. Think on what you did and/or go do it now. And please be ready to share…

(as soon as I can figure out how to make this gift image a linky-do-hicky, I’ll let ya know)

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* L.L.’s On, In, And Around Mondays community:
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His beauty shines bright
when we recognize
the glitter
as His 


15 thoughts on “This to This”

  1. One – wow, you did it! I remember a year ago when you'd moved once and we'd just met, and then again, and again – I am so glad for you to finally have a chance to settle in.Two – I love your new profile pic.Three – thank you for sharing your heart and the things that have made it sing.And these pictures? I want to live where you live.

  2. Now I know why you have been on my heart so much …and I'm thankful for all that is at peace in your world …and I'm thankful for you.

  3. I can't believe you moved again!! And in those conditions!! MY, MY! Glad you all are safe and that view is spectacular…. Can't wait to hear about the rest. Hugs!

  4. So glad you are here this morning! I received your email with thanks and now am glad to visit with you again! Hang in there, girlie. The view sure looks nice.

  5. Thank you for sharing. So much to be thankful for and I, too, want to live where you live. It is so beautiful with all of that snow. May God rain His peace and provision upon you and your family as you settle in.caring, ~ linda

  6. Darlene,Love the pictures, but it's hard for an Alabama boy to appreciate all that snow:) And, what's up with the red duct tape? Is the little testosterone I have left blinding me to its brilliance? Hope you love the new house!

  7. So glad you FINALLY made it from one place to another. Ain't red duct tape grand? Any duct tape, really. But red's my favorite color.I'm laughing at your comment about the doo-hicky working. I'll email you a link to a website w/instructions.

  8. You know, I think, all our moves, save one have been with an old 4WD and a cattle trailer. Don't know how to do it any other way. Am sure we did the three moves thing when our eldest was just a baby. Remember the feeling.Wishing you warmth, and a settled heart with the settling in. Hugs.

  9. We're preparing to move across the country with a baby girl. This is our third move. I can so identify with what you wrote and your list of gifts! =) Blessings!

  10. I've been thinking of you the past couple weeks..moving in the crazy weather we have been having!!!! It's been bad enough to just drive in to town to get groceries, couldn't even imagine you guys moving in it. Glad you are getting settled. Blessings, friend!

  11. Okay, I may have confused you all, and that is not surprising since I am still searching for all my brain pieces.That first image is the lovely home we were blessed to rent for the passed 10 months…trees and mountains and tons of snow.That second image is the view from the home we just purchased and are in the final stages of moving-into. I will post a photo of this new abode soon. It's a log home in the midst of farmland and at the base of a ski mountain–so my beloved trees are not far away.~ Sandra, I don't even know what "Currier and Ives" is in reference to. Horse-trailers, duct tape, bailing twine–those I understand. Is C&I people or a place or a thing?~ And Jeff, I fancy me some red duct tape because it is so bright and I use it to label all those brown cardboard boxes. It adds a splash of color in my otherwise monotone box jungle.Blessings!

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