What’s the word?

For Fun

Just one word.

Your description, please.

(Oh, I know this image is hanging over the edge.  And quite frankly I don’t care.
At least it is not my underwear you see sticking out of bounds–
that is really quite a bothersome site, if you ask me, 
while this out of bounds photo, not so much,
unless of course you are some sort of neat-freak, order-commander, strict rule-follower.
And in that case, you likely took a wrong turn somewhere
because things are real in my neck of the woods
as I am generally out-of-bounds, off-kilter, and frequently discombobulated.

Come on, everyone needs to say “discombobulated” at least once a day.
Say it! 

~ And who was I foolin’ with  my “one word” mandate?
Obviously it just isn’t possible for me.)


7 thoughts on “What’s the word?”

  1. saying that word almost makes one feel like a bobble head …"twisted" is the word that comes to mind for the photo …

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