Love God, Love People (part 3)

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Love God, Love God Love People, Love People

With each move in our relocation saga I come away knowing bits and pieces of my heart are scattered from here to there and back again. I also have cried enough tears to make the world’s longest salt water slip-n-slide. While most of the angst of the past two years has come in the not knowing (Where will we live? How long will the job last at this mill?), I admit that an almost equal proportion of the angst has come in the knowing (I know God is in control. And I know that I am not.)

I also know that He continues to knock off my socks with love and people.

God loves me.
God loves people.

Therefore should I not also love like He does?

I love God.
I love people.

1-But do they know it?

2-How do you show it?

I reckon God knows when we love Him. But what about the people? His people? Do they know when you love them? Folks, they know they are loved when you show they are loved!

And can you love them without them knowing you? Oh, you can give in secret–like I challenged you to do last time. But can a person who gets a gift (be it a gas card or a box of canned food or a toy or a smile or a hug) walk away with that gift without knowing something of the gift-giver? I hope they would know a bit more about love and what it feels like to hold it. 

Write God a thank you note expressing your acceptance & appreciation of His gift(s) to you.

Take Away Thought:
Even though I feel as if bits and pieces of my heart are strung out across a couple of states and lots of miles, and even though I feel a bit unsettled and uprooted, my God’s Son covers me. The other day as I stood amid my cardboard jungle, looking out to a new horizon and a strange view, God spoke to me. 

Child, you feel incomplete because you are. You are always incomplete without Me, without My Son. You wanna talk about scattered? Jesus is scattered across and around the globe. He lives in many hearts. (But not enough hearts.) He is the Ultimate broken One. He was broken for you. And for those around you. How will you share His bits and pieces with others?

So, how did you respond to the previous challenge and give a gift in secret? If you want to write a note here or on your own blog, please do. 


Our in-secret gift-giving story:

Times are hard here in this rural eastern Washington community and a new family at our small country church is not immune to the economic maladies striking so many. We noticed one day that their teenage daughter did not have a Bible. My son and I bought a rather pink and way-girlie looking Bible. We wrapped it in glittery paper, labeled it with only her name, left it in the fellowship hall, and stood back to watch. We tried to act really interested in the hot cider and tea and coffee table. Someone handed her the package and she said, “For me? Why?” And then she gently opened the package, delighted in the gift, and then ran up to the pastor’s wife to show her.

That teenage smile was the biggest gift of all.

(For now, please borrow that red gift image and use it to suit your fancy 
OR just write a note here in the comments. 
I apologize for my techno-ineptness 
and subsequent ability to create a usable linking button. 
I make-up for my lack with personality 
and really good hot chocolate.)




One thought on “Love God, Love People (part 3)”

  1. He had his disciples gather up the fragments so nothing would be wasted … and He gathers up the fragments of us so others can be fed as well.Nothing is wasted in the Kingdom.

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