Jumper Cables and A New Do. What?

For Fun, HCB Photo Prompt

Okay, word has gotten out that I am a little bit crunchy and nutty. And usually a tad salty too. As most are focusing on winter wonderland delights, decking the halls, and stuffing stockings, I am trying to figure out what I recently saw at our local Fort Walla Walla Museum

It’s been nearly one month, but I cannot get this image outta my head (pun intended–look below and you will see why). 

If I am crunchy (as in a closet hippee) and nutty (as in wa-eird) and salty (as in keep it real, rub it in the wound for healing, and be the flavor of God), then this gal is plain ole certifiable c-r-a-z-y! (as in “I guess you don’t care if your hair catches afire, your brain gets a mighty zing!-whack! and your face falls off from the power surge”).

Did women really subject themselves to such nonsense? That right there is hair vanity unlike nothing I’ve ever seen. This Simple Country Girl will stick to a simple braid, thank you very much.

* Okay, miss Claire at The High Calling has issued a photoplay prompt:

  • Find a place where there is a lot of activity.
  • [Yes ma’am, I am at the museum.]

  • Fade into the scene by finding a comfortable place to sit or stand.
  • [See details below.]

  • Identify an object or person you would like to capture.
  • [Yeah, that crazy lady. Okay, it was really a dummy. In every sense of the word.]

  • Capture your subject in relation to the whole setting.
  • [Oopsy, didn’t do this. My bad.]

  • Covert to black and white or use the black and white function on your camera. Email me if you do not know how to do this.  
  • [Got ‘er whooped.]

  • Blog about the experience and tell us how it stretched you. Also tell us about the boredom you feel, or don’t feel, when it comes to taking pictures. If you want to just give a description to an image on Flickr, that is also acceptable.
  • [Oh yeah, it stretched me. Made me thankful for my barrette. And boredom? Don’t reckon that I ever feel that. Boredom is a state of mind where I opt not to live.]

  • Include your links in the comments at High Calling Focus by Wednesday, December 15, for a feature in the gallery next Friday. 
  • [Alrighty then. It’s been real nice knowing you, miss Claire!]

    I did remove myself from the mobs and throngs of people pushing through the museum’s displayed history (okay, it was just my son, my husband and me) and I pressed my nose and then my camera up close to the glass encasement for a closer peek. I became one with the display case. Really, I did. After my skin shivered and my brow wrinkled, I settled in for an incognito photographic session with miss Nameless Faceless. 

    side note: I am pretty sure that I will be removed from THC photo prompt mailing list (wait, there is no list) or my linking abilities will be severed by a server (hey, that sounds funny). Anyway, here is my contribution for a black & white.

    Black jumper cables 
    disguised as hair curlers: 
    bad idea.

    White faceless face: 
    woman who wishes she would’ve listened 
    to her mamma and just put her hair in a bun

    Okay, that’s all folks. All this talk about crunchy, nutty, and salty personality traits is making me hungry for some trail mix…happy trails to you. 


    10 thoughts on “Jumper Cables and A New Do. What?”

    1. This is awesome! I love the photo, and you had me crackin' up the whole time I was reading this! You rock dude! I'm starting to picture you as Mr. Peanut in a pig-tail…

    2. * Susan, I think you certifiably complimented me in one swoop. You are good.*Kathleen, she's sitting on it.* Dan, I have held various and assorted titles over the years, but I can honestly say that "Mr. Peanut in a pig-tail" is new. And couldn't I be Mrs. Peanut? That ole fart of a peanut man carries a cane. I just carry a can of pepper spray…* Jessica, mine too. Mine were all home perms done by my mamma. Olgilvie was my middle name. And I especially loved it when she used the tiny rods so the perm would last longer. Yeah, that worked.

    3. you are branded an official nut!this really nearly made me wet my pants with laughter this morning!thanks ma'am. enjoyed the giggle.

    4. Thanks for the laugh!The photo is fantastic! This might be a good alternative to having coffee in the morning….think I will stick with the coffee…and crunchy, nutty, salty things.

    5. I am dying here! Somebody help the girl–this girl, me.P.S. I remember those perms. My mom always gave them to me the day before school pictures. And then I had to sit on the floor in front of black-and-white (get it?) Ed Sullivan while she tried to brush the curls out. Oh, I should post one of those pictures.

    6. This was fabulous. And there would be such an outcry if your links were severed from THC.I had visions of my grandmother, a hairdresser from the era of this … equipment. She had some crazy hair herself. Not so sure but what she didn't experiment at home before going to work at the shop…

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