Star Bright?

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What can a girl do
when she can’t get her
after Christmas star
to shine

When hiding under covers 
for an entire day
is not an option


There’s not enough
hot water for
a long cleansing cry
in a steaming


Christmas memories,
barely tucked,
are measured with tears
shed by the neglected elderly
at the nursing home


Their sorrow
intermingled with some gifts
of (supposed) joy & snacks & slippers
& Christmas carols
& friend-led prayers

After husband worked
days that bled into nights

Because when a mess
happens and stuff hits
the fan,
he is the one 
who gets the call

Everyone else’s 
clean-up man

…while others gathered
and gifted
and sang
and played cards

Bumping shoulders
next to twinkling
on lit Christmas trees.

What can a girl do
when she can’t get her 
after Christmas star
to shine

Drop to knees
bow low
fall on face
lay upon cracked heart,
smashing it into dirty carpet

Let the tears
like a drippy faucet
leaking out
every drop
of disappointment 

Sit by the manger
stare at the Babe
gaze at the glittery gold
star taped
to the wall

Such as that
led seeking men in
desert robes
across the sand

Just remember
I am only
flesh and blood
fashioned from the rib
of an earthly man

So my star
need not be bright

For it is
supposed to be
that shines
everlasting Light

* I cannot find the scripture where He says 
we become small and He becomes great. 
Please, if you know it, share it with me.

THANK YOU for your kind words of encouragement 
and for pointing me in the proper scriptural direction … 
John 3:30
I am keeping the comments tucked in my heart today.
That’s where I need them most.


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