Is Rest for Wimps?

Poetry, Ugly-Beauty

Our oft
the Proverbs 31
does she ever
And be
Or just make
shrouded in 
honeyed darkness

and hours later
While dinner
And bubbles
As golden
Is her essence
just salty?
Who can catch her
for even
a lick
or a hasty
As she scuttles,
to and froe
like spit
on a hot
I reckon
Mrs. Proverbs 31
rest is
The Book,
I close
worn pages

Loose tears
slide down
my face,
I tuck chin
to chest
and admit
My spit
has officially
In dark,
in still
next to the wood
as apples
In cinnamon sauce
I discover rest
for wimps
…then I hang
on a frozen
and watch
to noonday’s

* I snapped this picture last week
and birthed this poem just now, 
 because of the Random Acts of Poetry prompt by Marcus Goodyear, senior editor

So where are your edges? What are your struggles?
For next Friday’s Random Act of Poetry, 
write a poem about one of your struggles, 
but be gentle with yourself. 
Ride your own dark ambitions, 
gently on a donkey 

* And to answer my own question of “Is rest for wimps?” I would say “nope.” I know for certain that am not a wimp. (Seriously, I own a heavy bag, a speed bag, I have pepper spray on my key chain, and I know some take-down moves.) Really though, I am just a woman. A woman in need of occasional rest.


20 thoughts on “Is Rest for Wimps?”

  1. God forgive me, I'm not a fan of that gal. Not at all. Some of us are just a hot mess sometimes, but we are beautiful to Him.Rest in Him, my friend. The frozen laundry can wait.

  2. Beautiful. So vivid and real and helpful for me to read. I think Rest is Brave, and this reconfirmed that. I love your line about, "Who can catch her?" because she must have been steady with times of rest if she's really such a model. The ending, with real wet laundry on the frozen line, is perfect. Mrs. Proverbs 31 had to do what she did over the seasons of her life, so I like your seasonal picture there.

  3. Wonderful images and thoughts. I could taste and feel this poem. "Who can catch her?" — so vivid. The wet laundry on the frozen line such a good way to finish. Makes me think of the seasons of the Proverbs 31 woman. Sure hope she paced herself, but I'd not thought about it. Rest is brave. Of course, that must include internal rest. There's so much here, and I appreciate the paths of thought you took me down. Thank you.

  4. This post will encourage many a depleted woman. I think a woman hunkered down infused by cinnamon, wrapped in quilts ~ gently, slowly, making her nest hospitable like her heart ~ is simply captivating. I love your honest words. Hugs.

  5. BE STILL and know I am God……We can't be still if we are continually busy, whether physically or mentally. I know, believe me, it's not an easy place to sit. But, God tells us to do it, as hard as it is. When I do take time to sit still, I have a VERY tough time getting my mind to be still! Hugs, my friend.

  6. * Kathy, yeah, whenever I'm feeling gnarled and tattered, I know I am the daughter of a King! Yes, the frozen laundry stands soldier-like in the corner until it thaws. Funny stuff.* Tea Girlx2, thanks for stopping by. It's nice to "meet" you here across the laundry line.* Susan, thank you. May I sit by you?*TheSavingMomParents, it's also nice to meet you.*Jeanne, maybe we can share the word? I reckon there's enough to go around.*Kathleen, you know you're welcome at my fire any ole time. Hugs back at ya.*Duane, well, I reckon that's a compliment. It's the funniest thing I've ever heard about my mish-mash poetry.* LLLH, yes, I know you know. Come down here when the roads clear and lets take some pictures.~ I am so glad you all stopped by. Heading back offline for some of that rest. I've been quiet so this has been a nice diversion today, but I'm heading for that couch. Again.

  7. "My spithas officiallyfizzled"I must say, that part was fabulous.Your photo…I wish I had a clothesline!And about Prov. 31 — lately I've wondered what kind of mother-in-law Lemuel's mother would make? 🙂

  8. what a mixed bag Mrs. Proverbs 31 is…oh my, the biggest thing is that she is taken over everything else said to women (and men) and held as this immovable standard…oh my, where are Grace and Gospel? and rest:)i am so with you and love the wit and everything else in here…Thanks for sharing:) p.s. found you through random acts at high calling…mine is Good. Better. Best.

  9. Darlene,I really like the voice and cadence in your poetry a lot! catching her for a "lick or taste…"–really liked that. Thanks for stopping by my blog today…always encouraging.

  10. I so enjoyed the poem, but the thing that stuck with me is hanging out laundry on a frozen line.That is some hard core laundry work.Is it even possible to dry something in freezing weather? Seriously, I can't get past that image. How does that work? It is a very powerful image.

  11. * Monica, I am not sure I would want to try to live up to such standards with a m-i-l in the mix.* Nance Marie, yes, I like the contrast too.* Mamma Abby, when does she rest? The answer seems to be a mystery.* Jeff, it's good to see you and thank you for appreciating my wrinkled humor.* Marcus, to answer your question about laundry dried on a winter clothesline–yes, it is possible. Taking down the frozen garments at day's end is rather interesting though. Jeans are generally stiff and you just stand them in a warm corner until they crumple in a heap. Interesting, aye? If you think summer-dried clothes smell fabulous then winter-dried clothes will knock your socks off! And just so you know, the laundry rack next to the wood stove gets way more use in in-climate weather.

  12. I'm not married. In other words, I always hear old people at church tell me that I need to marry a Proverbs 31 woman. I think I might get bored with one of them. I guess I'm not sure and perhaps that's a shortcoming on my part. We will someday see. I loved this.

  13. I have seen you in so many of the places I visit. I thought it time to visit you.I'm glad I did. This is beautifully written, and I have felt so many of those same things. That woman just sometimes makes me want to give up. I can't think that is what the Father intended. Perhaps we just have to be all He intended us to be – each in our own way.

  14. I LOVE this poem…and that photo of laundry in winter. You are beautiful. And my dear? Take a rest, please.

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