Hands & Hearts

Listening When He Speaks, Love People

Let us now join hands and hearts as we lift up prayers on behalf of Tessa, daughter of Kathleen and Craig; Tessa, princess daughter of our most High God.

Join me in climbing the ladder to the cross. 


Bear one another’s burdens
and so fulfill the law 
of Christ.
~ Galatians 6:2 

my church’s bell tower, with ladder shadow

that their hearts may be encouraged, 
being knit together 
in love 
~ Colossians 2:2

* Friends, last September I had the wild pleasure of joining hands and hearts with my friend, miss Kathleen. She hugs and gives and encourages like no other woman I know. Here is a snip-it of our meeting:

In addition to music that made my heart sing, I got to meet miss Kathleen. The love and kindness and sisterhood that this woman of God poured on me were showers from heaven. She and her husband drove six hours, six hours, to meet me and mine. They endured interesting campground residents and lots of rain. Our little country church welcomed them, fed them, and loved on them.

I sat with miss Kathleen and her husband for the latter part of the concert. And we got to hold hands in prayer while Nathan closed the evening with words of praise to God.

miss Kathleen & the hands she uses 
to bless others with friendship and love


Musically-gifted hands.

Motherly hands.

Friendly hands.

Do you realize how God’s blessings pour?
They pour forth
out of

Now it is our turn to do the same unto Kathleen and her family… pour out such blessings.


6 thoughts on “Hands & Hearts”

  1. Thanks for sending me this link to send me over here Darlene. You blessed me and mine. Sort of overwhelming to receive and unexpected. I love this community and need you all very much. We met with an opthamologist this morning. Her eyes are healthy, nothing pressing and no nerve damage. Since she has had an MRI a couple years ago, he said not to pursue it more at this time as we have done everything possible to find a trail. He smiled and encouraged her to choose to LIVE! We both agreed……she is searching for places where cruise ships go, so she doesn't need to fly. The light is coming back in to her eyes, finally. I'm going home thursday. Hugs, kisses and whisker rubs.

  2. * Susan & Kathy, thank you for taking to knee with me (and all the others).* Kathleen, a humble "you are welcome" and I love ya too. Of course the prayers will continue. What a blessing you are to the community, miss.

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