So let him walk…

A Story
But as God has distributed 
to each one, 
as the Lord has called 
each one, 
so let him walk. 
~ 1 Cor. 7:17 (NKJV)
We are moving. Again. 
It’s hard to fathom the constant state of flux my family has been in for the past couple of years. Massive lay-offs. A job relocation. An almost yearlong separation. One cat pee mess of a rental house. Followed by one lovely rental house. 
And finally, just three months ago, we bought just the right home and property; it suits our family and our critters just fine.
I am re-packing the barely unpacked boxes. I am sorting. I am tossing. I am donating. I am wondering why my family has so much stuff.
I am also wondering why someone who craves roots and history and strong family ties and living on the same land as previous generations, has been living a life much akin to that of a gypsy. 
When push comes to shove, it’s all about family. It’s about the here and now family. Not the days gone by family. It’s about my husband and our son. 
Mainly, it’s about God as our Father.
He has opened doors so we shall follow.
Despite the pain and strain of a separation and yet another house sale in a muddy market, we shall follow where He leads. 
Someone once had the sensitivity of a porcupine as she told me, “Well, I never. I never could allow my family to be separated. I never. I never could spend one night away from my husband.” 
Then she slowly shook her head back and forth, pursed-up her lips like she’d just sucked a lemon, and looked up through lowered lashes. You know what I’m talking about. She looked at me in disgust.
My family. We seek God. We follow Him.
When we ask for doors to open, do we dare not to step through? I think not.
I like routine. I like normalcy. I like unpacked boxes. Really, I do. I want to feel comfortable in a home I call my own.
Don’t we all?
It is not in my genetic make-up to be a vagabond. I’ve always wanted…
to swing from the same tree, to wade in the same creek, to plant in the same dirt, to walk the same halls, to gaze upon the same sunset horizon, to hold the same doorknobs
as those before me in my Montana lineage, all in the farmhouse my grandpa built on homesteaded land.
God has different plans.
He is busy showing me, teaching me, leading me,
along the paths that lead to Him.
Paths that crest upon a mountaintop follow trails that are sometimes steep, sometimes rocky. The summit is where one catches her breath. 
And looks around.
Where one knows…
that her earthly home is just a roof and walls.
If anyone would like to speak sass to me and/or look at me through lowered lashes, go on, go on. I mean go on and do it already.
Whatever makes you feel better,
good. I’ll even give ya a lemon of your very own.
(But then I’ll pray for you,
cause you’ve missed the point in all of your scorekeeping about what a perfect family situation looks like.)
This time, instead of biting my lip and looking away,I reckon I’ll say…
“I’ve got news for you, my friend. Between boxes and red duct tape and markers
and real estate transactions, my boys and I, 
well, we are wrapped in Our Heavenly Father’s Love. 
And there ain’t no place we’d rather be.”


Please join my family in thanking God and praising Him for how He is going to bless our family as we sell this home and move, yet again. Thank Him! Praise Him! We are eagerly awaiting,in hopeful anticipation,and with hearts bursting of thanksgiving of how He will continue to bless and guide us. 

That’s the way one ought to live. And pray.

And if you fancy the back story of our relocation saga, just search “relocation” in that nifty little search box. I don’t have the time or patience to link all the stories for ya. I’ve got folks coming by this morning to help us get ready for selling this beautiful home. So, I gotta go get out of my pj’s and into my jeans. 

19 thoughts on “So let him walk…”

  1. Oh Darlene. This, I have done, this moving, relocating, never-being-able-to-put-down-my-roots. You've been on my heart. I wish I could help you, be a friend to come, to send you off.Oh, that Home-longing… it gets bad, doesn't it?

  2. I love the bravery God has given you. Moving can be hard on a person and separation harder, but you seem to be handling it with the grace that can only be found in time spent with the Father. how beautiful! ~Jessica

  3. I love how you express your heart so well. I share your feelings on moving, but even more, I share your desire to follow the One who sets our course. When the pillar of fire and cloud moves on, we must as well. I also know that sucked-on-a-lemon look. It can be hard to shake off, but I especially pity the ones wearing it. They live with the sour taste of judgment in their mouth and probably don't even know what grace tastes like. Sweet, sweet grace to you in this adventure with Jesus and your boys.

  4. Coming over here from Susan's place this morning, to read, and nod my head in agreement. It seems we are always journeying forward through the dark, in one way or another, with just enough light for each step. May you have grace and love abounding through it all… and may His goodness and mercy follow you, always.

  5. I feel excited for you , Darlene.Really.I think , I know.that we don't. I'm living that following and surrender thing all the time. no pursed lips from me.

  6. your feelings are real and your family is strong . you have a wonderful attitude about where He may be leading you . I will add you to my prayer list as you start a new adventure

  7. Beautiful.And you know this, I know you do, but I'll say it anyway: Home isn't a place. It's people. Your roots go deep. You're attached to the Vine. God bless you in your next transition. I've got you on my mind and in my prayers.

  8. Stay Brave! Stay Strong! Kathleen knows well the feelings and emotions of it all, She's followed me for 22 years!I love and appreciate your writings/blogs. I'm just one of "those guys" who never lets you guys know we need your writings.Just make sure we get your address. We're looking you guys up this summer!Craig O

  9. I lived apart from hubby for seven years and I well know that look. And you're right—they don't 'get it' and I've learned to ignore them, because God is in charge and we have been blessed by following his lead.I will lift you up in prayer as you make this next move.

  10. ". . .leading me, along the paths that lead to Him."That lead to Home.We spent our early years moving, moving. I longed to settle. We've been in the same place now for 20 years. In the house my husband grew up in. Family keeps us here. But there's also a part of me that longs for adventure.I wonder if we'll ever truly feel home until we're Home.Praying for you and yours as you surrender all.

  11. Hey. I think this might qualify as roaring like a lamb. 🙂 One of His. I'll be praying you through, Darlene. I can't wait to see what God has planned for you on the other side of this gypsy life. I think it's gonna be beyond anything…

  12. * Thank you all for the kind words, encouragement and the prayers. Even when I'm wearing my miss sassy pants, you dare to leave a comment. Yeehaw! And as I have mentioned before, I am ever so thankful for my "portable" friends. You remain a constant, and for that, I am grateful.Blessings.

  13. Coming late to the story and filling in gaps…how can you move with your injury? I pray the right people come into your life to help you pack the final boxes on this end, load, drive, and then to unpack on the other end.

  14. stumbled upon your blog a while ago and bookmarked it cuz I LOVE your posts, poetry, heart for God, photography and humor. I started a blog a while back to share bits of my poetry and thoughts as well at i get the Home-longing as well even though I am only 3 hours from my hometown. I left for college and never dreamed I would not return afterwards. God has been good, many blessings, but so hard to bloom where planted, huh? I am surrounded by so many homegrown friends now that have never lived away. Although I admit I have been solid green with envy at times, I know the leaving and cleaving brought intimacy with our Father that continues to blow my mind. He provides like no one else, I bloom now because of Him!I know you do too!

  15. Boy, do I understand. Have been there, with you — moved 14 times in 15 years. Following the Lord is wonderful, but it ain't always easy and doesn't always fit into what others think is the "right" thing to do, that somehow we've "missed" His guidance. BLESS you and yours and this new location to serve Him and share/ spread His love to others.

  16. lschontos says:

    This makes me all weepy and happy at the same time. Oh how I love your heart sweet girl. I know this feeling of wanting to put down roots and just stay put. I know how difficult change can be and how hard it is to be apart. But to know you are following the path the Father has planned for you – that is just pure joy. The way you embrace it makes me feel ashamed of the way I kick and fuss when my days don’t go the way I had planned.
    Don’t worry about the ones who are all self-righteous and judgmental. We’ve all had them in our lives – even Jesus.
    I love what Jennifer said – home is wherever you are. You are home for your boys – a warm, welcoming, beautiful home.

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