Come, sit with me.

Love God, Photo Story, Poetry

There’s room 
at the counter

for elbows
coffee cups
and honey-soaked

for tears
and heart-squeezed

* Thank you, friends,  for joining me as I need to grasp His goodness and cling tight by His strength
and look ahead in hopeful expectation of the good that is coming.


11 thoughts on “Come, sit with me.”

  1. Love to read what there is room for at your table. It makes me want to join you for some real conversation and real companionship – very homey.Andie

  2. * Michelle, I cannot recall the last time someone called me "honey!"* Andie, thank you for the kind words.* Deb, yes, but the excitement is being out-shined by the hearts that ache during separation.

  3. Have not done the coconut creamer, but coconut milk. I was doing that all the time but the price went way up, and no one has had it on sale. =( I keep looking because I do prefer it to soy.

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