BB & Me

country life, photography, writing


Even great men, like the world-reknown horseman, mister Brannaman,

and not so terrifical, ordinary country-fried women, like me,

need a break. Every  now

and then.


I reckon my recent smack down with internet bullies has gone and done me in. I am tired. Tired of making things look purty on the website whilst I’m still a bit befuddled and muddied on the inside. So, hasta la pasta dudes and dudettes. I’m takin’ me a little break. (Plus, my internet connection is chewing on a big ole nasty bone and I’m in no mood to wrestle it to the ground and yank it out of it’s teeth right now. Bad satellite! Bad!)




* About the image: I took it last summer when mister Brannanman made his yearly equine trek into my small, rural Washington town. In addition to his horse clinic, he was there one day early to promote the new documentary, Buck. My young son and I watched the movie and attended the 3-day clinic as observers; we also hung out with him during his lunch break one day while I interviewed him for a piece at The High Calling. I reckon if you missed it back then, you can giddy-up yourself (and yer stead) back there for a read. Or you can just click here.






8 thoughts on “BB & Me”

  1. So you ran into a couple of bumps on your journey you nicknamed life… So what… Just give your self a chance to relax, you are a human being and need rebooting once in a while.
    I stepped by because I saw the image, which is magnificent by the way. 🙂

  2. Well, can I just say God bless you and your rest?

    Thanks for the interview link. For some reason I missed it back then.

  3. David @ Red Letter Believers says:

    What are we going to do? Sending peace you way….

  4. I’m a firm believer in breaks. Rest is needful, and we writers always come back from the silence simply bursting with words. 😉 HUGS

  5. S. Etole says:

    Hope you are entering into His rest and will soon be restored.

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