Pirates Among Us

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10 thoughts on “Pirates Among Us”

  1. Oh, Dar, that photo story is so funny!

    Don’t worry, pirates at my place don’t wear pants either, just shorts. Must be somethin’ in the water. Or the woods.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by, miss SD.

      Indeed, when he crammed that old cowboy hat on sideways and yelled “aarrrggh” as he ran wild through the house wielding his self-made sword, I knew I had a little genius on my hands.

      See ya in the underbrush.

  2. S. Etole says:

    You are something else my friend! Smiling …………….

  3. LOVE this! (Including the comments from SD to SD and back again). You are such a hoot, and apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. xo

    • Miss Jeanne,
      Yes, sometimes I talk to myself out here in blogland too.

      Speaking of owls and apples… thank you.


  4. oh i love this! it reminds me so much of my aiden.today trent took a look at him and then turned to me, and said, “should i be worried about him?” he was naked, with a long beaded necklace and a fireman’s hat on.

    • Miss Emily, too funny! And I still remember when my husband said to me, “You know all those movies where the youngest kid or only child is always running around in a weird costume? Well, we’ve given birth to that kid.”

      Shhh, miss E, sometimes I play act Knights with him. We save the king and queen and princess from assorted nefarious characters. It’s grande because stuffed Grover gets to be my sidekick.


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