Light-n-Dark (simple country wisdom)

faith, living, Photo Story



1. Waller on the ground.

2. Feed off a big mound o’ crappola.

2. When you find yourself in the dark, grab onto a stinky ole turd and hide.






1. Stay in the tree.

2. Keep outta the crappola.

2. When you do fall, reach for the light with all your pokey parts.





* The mushrooms are growing on bed of horse manure 

– in case you were wondering ’bout the smell.

You shouldn’t scratch-n-sniff that one.




4 thoughts on “Light-n-Dark (simple country wisdom)”

    • Good. Thanks for stopping by. Sometimes the manure patch is a lonely place. Actually, I try not to hang out there for too long — the stink and all get to me. The Light is way better.

      Have a God-grande day.


  1. S. Etole says:

    I think I’ll stay in the tree, thank you very much.

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