Who’s Gonna Stand-up for The Least of These?

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editorial, Listening When He Speaks, One Nation Under God


When we win a prize, we claim it with eagerness and delight, righto? So, why don’t we take the same stance when it comes to the prize that God gives us in the form of kids? Folks, it’s high time we claim our kiddos as our own and treat them as the reward God intends them to be. July 19 is a crucial date for the future of American kids….


Despite a fictitiously fanciful ideal that some bureaucrats continue to tout, it does not take a village to raise a child, nor does it take an intrusive, meddling foreign entity like the United Nations (UN) to tell American moms and dads how to raise their children.


Unfortunately many countries already have fallen into the global it-takes-a-village trap by adopting the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), and in doing so, have willfully come under UN authority and are now strong-armed by that entity. Parents are not allowed to raise their children in a manner they deem suitable; instead, moms and dads basically serve as government-managed caretakers of their children while the UN monitors, implements, and mandates laws and sets new precedents regarding the raising of children.


In Sweden:

–       A parent cannot spank their child’s behind, slap their hand, or send them to their room for a time-out.

–       Sex education is mandatory – no religious exemptions, no personal exceptions.


In Italy:

–       Children can live off of their parents indefinitely. Even after college, parents must financially support their adult-age kids until they find a job that suites their fancy.

–       Courts ordered parents to change their child’s name because it was the same as a villain’s in a classic novel.


In Netherlands:

–       Sex education curriculum starts at age four.

–       Age of consent is twelve.

–       Sixteen-year olds can legally smoke pot – it’s oftentimes available next-door to schools.


In Belgian:

–       For the past nine years doctors have been given free reign to terminate the lives of babies (newborn to twelve-months old).

–       Of the approximate 100,000 babies born each year, 470 will die within 12 months.

–       More than 200 deaths will be from infant assisted suicide.

–       And almost ¼ of those will die in direct opposition to parental wishes.


These examples are ridiculous at best, tragically heinous at worst; however, such atrocities are considered prudent and necessary under the CRC. I cannot help but wonder which child rights are being upheld in these situations – ’cause it sure as shootin’ appears that the child has no rights. None.


Unbeknown to the majority of Americans, the UN is enticing our government to adopt the CRC, the very same treaty that condones and forces baby assisted suicide. Basically, if the ratification of this treaty happens, American parents will lose their God-given authority over their very own children.


Ah, but this is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, what do I need to worry about? After all, we have the Constitution.


A treaty cannot override America’s Constitution,

if and only if,

the specific matter is explicitly protected

within the Constitution.


Contrary to what many believe, no such protection currently exists. America holds absolutely no power against a willfully adopted foreign entity like the UN’s CRC. As dads and moms, we will have no authority against the long-arm of the law if such a treaty is adopted.


The only thing necessary

for the triumph of evil

is for good men to do nothing.”

(Edmond Burke, British politician, orator, and author of the 1700’s)


Please contact your Congressman July 16-18 and:

1. Ask them to co-sponsor HJRes110, the Parental Rights Amendment

2.Tell them you adamantly oppose the CRC.

* The House Constitutional Subcommittee meets July 19 regarding this matter. Also, please share this information with your family and friends as soon as possible. Let’s flood Congress with calls and emails before Thursday’s meeting!


Visit www.parentalrights.org for more data and Congressional contact information. 


“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.”

(Psalm 127:3).

How will you show your appreciation of such blessed gifts?


* Please feel free to share this post and the image to facebook, twitter, pinterest, emails, links, etc. We must get the word out!

* Here’s a longer version of the above post… A Call to Parental Rights Amendment.


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