What About Them Hairy Legs, Ma?

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For your jaw-dropping, eyeball popping pleasures, here are some secret snippets of Simply Darlene…


  • I’m vertically challenged, over a foot shorter than my tall man.
  •  Grace is not my middle name.
  • Apparently my kin think I’m built like a brick outhouse.
  • On that note, I was asked to join the football team in my high school daze.
  • I grind my teeth, clench my fists, and don’t own a single pair of nylons.
  • If someone is gonna beat around the bush, it ain’t gonna be me.
  • My son has been known to compare his hairy legs to mine.
  • Low-cut (aka bun-baring) Wranglers ought to be outlawed. (or at least come with a free pair of suspenders)
  • If I wanna bath in a tub, I’ve gotta fill a horse trough in the morning and soak by moonlight that night. (outside, under the stars)
  • James Herriot, Patrick McManus, & Erma Bombeck are the only literary giants in my house – I love to read ’em aloud and laugh ’til tears and snot run free.
  • My recurve bow came in yesterday and my arm got spanked twice while shooting because I held the bow wrong – and I near about had pee running free. (remember that whole “Grace” thing from above? yikes.)


God made me in His image.

And for that matter, that’s how He made you too.


Does this scare you?

Or does it flat out knock off your stinky ole socks?




Country Girl Nugget O’ Wisdom for the day:

Rather than bemoan who you aren’t,

take a right tight grip

on who you are –

and go forth in

your own

(peculiar, weird, oddball, goofy, hairy, uncoordinated)







16 thoughts on “What About Them Hairy Legs, Ma?”

  1. lschontos says:

    Oh friend, I love you just the way you are – and, no, none of that surprises. It simply delights. I’m trying to learn to be just as comfortable in my sandals as you are in your boots.

    • sandals or boots or high-heels, i reckon it’s about being comfortable in our own skin, aye?

      also, thanks for the love!

  2. Really? You’re not a beat-around-the-bush kinda gal? I’m shocked! shocked! to learn this about you.

    And quirky. I’m all about being quirky. Blessings to you and your big, old hairy legs!

    • elevate your feet… it ought to help with the shock.

      and hey, i never said anything about “big” hairy legs. a girl could take offense to that. or not.


    • Heya miss M – yep. It’s downy soft -n- blonde. Apparently he gets his height from his pa and his hair features from me.

  3. Natasha Metzler says:

    This made me so happy, you have no idea. 🙂
    p.s. if I had a horse trough, I would fill it and bathe in the starlight. But I don’t. Instead, I run off down the creek in the gulf. It’s usually icy cold but so beautiful I bask in wonder.

    • Miss Natasha – I’m glad you wear a happy face ’round these parts. Cheers to bathing. And to God’s starlight wonder!

  4. Christy says:

    Hooray for James Herriot & Patrick McManus (We have all of his books.) Haven.t read Erma for awhile but loved her when I did. I KNEW you were a kindred spirit!

    • the comment fairies musta ate my first reply…

      yes, we are kindred spirits – i knew it the first time i met ya and then again the 2nd time when we played those silly new year’s eve games!

  5. That’s a dern good nugget o’ wisdom (I think I pick up your vernacular when I hang out with you). Fun stuff 🙂

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