America’s Dirty Little (youthful) Secret

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I have a guest post over at Red Letter Believers today. My last piece over there was about the lessons I learned from my first job. This one is similar because it is about another woman and her first job. In it, I talk about Rahab; but I only use that biblical example to point out America’s undercurrent of child sex-slavery.


Oh, quit looking the other way and get back here. It’s a tough topic, I know. It scares me, grosses me out, and breaks my heart into a million pieces. And ya wanna know something? I hope it does the very same for you.


Within forty-eight hours of hitting the streets, one in three kiddos (as young as 5-years old) is forced into prostitution. For the most part, they (and oftentimes their mammas) are not initially strong-armed into a sex-slavery situation, rather they are first told lies about provision and comfort and safety by the devil’s very own workers who walk around as smooth-talking pimps.


Go on and read it. And then share it with someone. Share  it with anyone. Share it with everyone you.

because it could be the story of someone in your family, your town, or your neighborhood…




9 thoughts on “America’s Dirty Little (youthful) Secret”

  1. I don’t need to read it all right now, b/c I definitely know a fair amount about it. Fit into our family in some ways, many years ago… not the prostitution aspect, but sexual garbage hit the kids very young. And the consequences continue…and continue…and continue again. Breaks my heart, Darlene…

    Thanks for making certain people understand what many in our world are going through…

  2. lschontos says:

    This is close to my heart Darlene. I started writing for the Freedom Youth Project a few months ago. I’ve been writing stories about sex trafficking. It is absolutely heartbreaking. Heading over to read your article.

  3. I didn’t realize it was right here in my own town and nearby towns until a couple of years ago. Thanks for the post. Thanks, David, for hosting.

  4. Darlene–the way you wove Rahab in here………and the ugly, present, hard truth of what’s going on right now…making me think. Making us all think, and ask, God how can we help?
    Thank you for sharing the story, the links, the whole thing.
    God bless.

  5. S. Etole says:

    There was an article about this in our newspaper not too long ago. It’s heartbreaking. Great article over at David’s.

  6. Thank you for bringing this to light….so heartbreaking. Great article and I am glad you are speaking out on this–honestly, I did not know it was this big of a problem here in the US. I’ve seen the statistics in Eastern Europe for kids who age out of orphanages but I somehow didn’t connect that it would also happen here. I guess because we call our orphans “wards of the state” and our orphanages “group homes”. Praying.

    • ephale says:

      And by-the-by, would you drop me an email? I am working on my laptop and don’t have any of my addresses accessible!

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